21 March 2006

Erin Go Taco

As planned, we did not spend St. Paddy's Day feasting on corned beef, cabbage and pints of Guinness but enchiladas, guacamole and Patron margaritas. We headed off to Acapulco's in Cohasset with the Nortons and the Drinans, whose company alone always inspires fiesta -- and it's a good thing because Acapulco's was not what I was expecting. Harshly-lit, ambiance-starved, and overrun with small children, the restaurant is basically a Mexican Bickfords.

Dining here beneath the dropped ceilings was probably not unlike the "dining in" experience the Bags recently had at their Chinese "take-out" place, Feng Shui. Adding to our bemusement were some non-sequiturian menu selections, including "Make Your Own Combo" where the Combo Tijuana and Combo Mexicali allow you "choice of one" entree. As most upright individuals would note --one choice does not a combo make. James noted this in his order: "I'll have the Taco Combo. In other words, I'll have a Taco."

Other than that, the meals were OK but the bar was shuttered at 10 p.m. So, after some extemporaneous Catholic bashing over our leftover drinks, we swung by Star's to enjoy some obligatory irish music and abundant green foam hats. While Katie N. and I distracted the irish singer with a green foam hat, James N. grabbed his guitar for an impromptu set. All in all the evening resembled a St. Paddy's of yesteryear, minus the Dunkin Donuts cups.

**NOTE: For some reason, Blogger is having technical difficulties with photo uploads today, which, judging from my photos, is in everyone's best interest.


lp said...

Four thumbs up for El Sarape, "The Flavor Of Mexico South Of Boston", proudly serving Jamie's hometown, "Mother Weymouth."

WMD, KO, SB and I fiesta'd there recently and the food & sangria was deee-lish. Even the pick-up lines were truly The Flavor of Mexico: while waiting in the bathroom line, a waiter/mariachi singer asked KO if she was Spanish... The Mexican version of "do you come here often?"


james said...

Thanks LP. Should have known not to leave the center of the universe for a meal. Maybe we will go to El Sarpe this fall. Weymouth Landing is beautiful in the Fall.

KJ said...

LP-We missed out at El Sarape with the to-be-Browns and to-be-Off the Oils. No traveling mariacchi band at Acapulco's. Instead, there were faux-mexican waiters and waitresses butchering "Happy birthday" in Spanish. Let's take that trip to the Landing this fall if not sooner.

jal said...

I'm eternally wedded to La Paloma in Quincy.

SB said...

LP/WMD - While appearing taken back by the courting of one of the 3 amigos, you could still tell Keri was flattered. I'll have to break out a sombrero, my fading spanish accent and some Drakkar, and woo Keri this weekend like our serenading stud from El Sarape.

James... we can run next door to Ye Olde Brick Grille for a nightcap after El Sarape.

Code Red said...

JAL - I'm with you. I always tell people about La Paloma. Even though it's in a strip mall in Wollaston next to a laundromat, it's really good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Code Red - let's go!!!
Maybe we can bring Baron too?