13 March 2006


It was not your typical afternoon in Jefferson, Mass. For those of you who are challenged in your knowledge of 508 geography, Jefferson is a part of Holden, a lovely enclave just outside of Worcester. Here, a bridal shower for LP, like the Olympic torch, officially ignited the chain of events that will lead up to the nuptials on May 6.

WMD's sisters hosted a bridal tea, but very well knew they'd have to accessorize the bridesmaids to downplay our vulgarness, as well as MoHO Di's & Jess' church cleavage. On hand were gorgeous vintage hats that more proper ladies of days gone by may have worn to high tea. LP's hat resembled an elegant wedding cake and most of the b-maids looked like they'd stepped out of a Jane Austen novel -- the very picture of ladylike restraint. The hat I chose was made from sheep-sheared Cookie Monster -- a muppet who is the very picture of zero self control. I must admit, I got attached to my hat by the end of the day even though Lisa and I kept inhaling some of its blue microscopic feather particles.

("Nice lids, ladies," says Pope Benedict)

Regardless of their proper appearances, everyone's inner Cookie Monster busted out at the sweets table, a spread that made everyone wish they'd worn their buffet pants instead of their Sunday best. If LP had taken off her hat, it likely would have been consumed as well. I'm still coming down from my sugar high, a feeling that gives "high tea" a whole new dimension. That said, if this Saturday's event was a preview of things to come, we're in for some good times between now and May 6th.


BAGS said...

Nice hat Blossom. Mike where was your lid?

Congrats WMD and LP on kicking off the wedding campaign, leading up to May 6th. Enjoy it.


KT said...

Smashing lids ladies. What the hell was in that tea anyway?

Congrats LP!!


lp said...

It was high time we burds enjoyed a high tea together with the Pope. Those technicolor dream hats were magically in tune with every lady's own personality and ensemble. Unfortunately, the soon-to-be Mrs WMD has a gargantuan cranium so my wedding cake chapeau kept threatening to throw itself onto the ground.

Thank you to my pretty maids all in a row for such a wonderful day. Was an honor to be showered so with love, affection and homegoods. I'll be whipping up a feast for y'all soon after the wedding is done. Smmooches...LP