07 March 2006

Random Quizzilla

1) Have you ever ridden on a moped?
Yes. Bermuda, Spring Break 1988.

2) What is the farthest place you've ever traveled to?
Italy or Hawaii -- not sure which one is farther geographically. I'll look that up on Google Earth and get back to you.

3) How would you describe the sound of your voice?
I cringe when I hear my voice on tape. I think I sound like Alice from the Brady Bunch. When I was a smoker, I liked the sound of my voice. It was raspier, smoother and much less grating. I wish I could get that voice back without slowly killing myself.

4) Favorite song(s) in the 6th grade?
I have a vivid memory of sixth grade because it was so traumatic. Spirits in the Material World by the Police. The Message by Grand Master Flash. Ebony & Ivory by Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder. Goody Two Shoes by Adam Ant. I could go on and on here. Repressed memory: I was really into On the Wings of Love by Jeffrey Osbourne for awhile because an MDC "skate guard" from Porazzo skating rink gave me the "45" and a shrinkwrapped rose from Store 24 one afternoon. I thought it was cool but now I realize I was likely being courted by a pedophile. I think he was 20. Ick. It's a creepy story that is compounded by the fact that On the Wings of Love is probably one of the worst songs ever next to Get out of my Dreams, Get into my Car by Billy Ocean.

5) Name a quality you despise.
Self righteousness. In the case of Imette St. Guillen, the poor young woman from Mission Hill who was killed in NYC: There are so many sanctimonious idiots on the radio and TV implying she is somehow responsible for her own murder because she was drunk at 4 a.m. in NYC. Some people are so desperate to believe they could never meet the same fate that they're playing the "she brought it on herself" card. Anyone with a life has been in Imette's situation more than once. The only difference is luck, not superior morals. It's bad enough her family has to listen to the gruesome details of her death over and over again, not to mention this nonsense from "well-meaning" individuals with their misguided teaching moments.


Celine said...

1. Yes. Sometime in the early 80's in our neighborhood. My brother bought one without telling my parents. He was forced to return it a week later.


3. Minnie Mouse. Or as Keith likes to point out when I get really fired up about something, I sound like Beeker from the Muppets.

4. I have a couple....
Centerfold-J Geils Band (this was the first "45" that I purchased with my own $$.

Abracadabra-Steve Miller Band.
I also purchased the "sheet music" for this classic tune at the Needham Music Center so that I could play it on my flute.

5. Anyone Phony, plain & simple.

SB said...

1) Yes, several times. The most memorable was the summer of '86 (envision the mullet) on the Vineyard. Yonnet, a couple of his friends and I were racing through Oak Bluffs. At the intersection in front of the arcade, a car pulled out in front of me, I squeezed the brakes, skidded and crashed into the front right side of the car and went flying over the hood on to the street. Everyone stopped and stared. Yonnet just picked up my moped (leaking oil), said "you allright?", and kick started it and we took off. The 4 people in the car who hit me just sat and stared.
2) I am lame. I think Las Vegas is the furthest I've traveled.
3) I don't have an adjective to describe it. But like you KJ, I cringe when I hear it on video/audio.
4) Freeze Frame by the J. Geils Band (sorry, James). And I can't remember if "Go For a Soda" by Kim Mitchell was the 6th grade or not but I really dug that tune.
5) Pretentiousness. That can bring out natural hate in me.

wmd said...

1) Moped or fat chi... ohh, you've heard that one, never mind.

2) After watching the Body Show, I took a trip into the depths of SB's mind. It was very far, dark, scary and for some reason there was a midget eating Andy Capp's hot fries there.

3) Mellifluous. the kind that would make you want to punch Andre Bocelli in the face. (and yes, easily get away with it)

4) Who Can it Be Now - men at work. Could do a perfect air-knock at the "Knockin' at my door?" line.

5) Narcissism. People who wrongfully think they're the best, when clearly, I am.

James said...

1) Yes with Pete DeLuca in the eighth grade. His Dad had two in their house in Florida. We would take them to the Arcade for a little Astroids.
2) Hawaii with Paulies Mom, Mai Tai Mahoney.
4)Reminiscing - Little River Band

lp said...

First of all: WMD, I KNEW that was a topic at your "stag party" roast...Gross.

1) In sophomore year of High School, our friend Kevin had a moped. One of us would ride with him to the packy where this creepy old guy would buy for us. We'd wrap a case of Bud in a duffel bag and hold on for dear life as Kevin drove us back to the party. My children will never have mopeds.

2) London

3) A small child once described my laughter as sounding like a machine gun.

4) "Our House" by Madness or "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell.

5) A lack of spacial awareness

wmd said...

Both are fun until your friends catch you on one.

KJ said...

I've been craving andy capp hot fries all week.

wmd said...

Nice KJ. Let me tell you though, they have been trumped by Andy Capp's Salsa Fries. They are phenom!