19 April 2006

APRIL 19th, 1968

("Happy Buuurrthdaay..." Caroline sings)

(...to yooou." Paulie wields crooked finger inherited from Mama)

April 19th is a date on the calendar that has yielded many landmark events: The Waco fiasco ('93), the Oklahoma City bombing ('95) and the Columbine school shooting ('99). It seems incongruous that it also the date of James' birthday ('68) -- but this is an event that may help combat all the negative energy floating around out there today. Some JimmyFacts: A healing man and an Aries with Libra rising * Has infinite patience but when pushed has been known to cross golf courses to confront loud mouth jackasses * Unbearable winner who is still gloating over taking first place in a Master's tournament pool last week * Bats right, throws left * Scary lucky * Lawn tractors seemingly fall from the sky when his conks out * Sometimes blares Grateful Dead songs on the laptop when I'm trying to watch The Abrams Report * 38 years old today * Grateful TomKitten was born yesterday and did not add one more freakish event to the date of April 19th.


SB said...

I don't know what was better. Jamie storming at that a-hole on the golf course with the metal plate in his head and giving him the "Weymouth shove", or that a-hole's golf partner encouraging Jamie to calm down while simultaneously getting a read on his pacemaker.

Happy Birthday James.

P.S. One other Jamie fact**1993 Besotted Bison Winner

BAGS said...

2 other JJ characteristics:
1) Pug lover
2) Chief negotiator. List price is always a suggested retail price, not what James will pay.

Happy b-day.

Code Red said...

And let's not forget, sandwich appreciator! James LOVES a good sandwich. Happiest of birthdays James!

stevie B said...

as we always say when Jackson wins everyone loses!
Today James wins! Happy Bday my friend. If I know you all you want for your birthday would be a nice capicola and provelone sandwich and to be in bed by 9p.m.
Best Wishes

wmd said...

Happy Birthday James!

From Sail-fishing with a yacht in Costa Rica to Deer-hunting with a salt lick and a hammer in Hanover, you truly live the outdoorsman's dream.

Bravo and many more,


lp said...

Happy Belated, James!