24 April 2006

I Totally Blew my Diet

Yeah, that's right -- I ate the whole damn bag. I'm a textbook yo-yo dieter and have been engaged in an unhealthy pattern of emotional eating since I had my junk "fixed" at Angell Memorial a few years ago. A number of factors contributed to today's binge, however. First, I didn't get any cardio. It was raining and my mom was hungover. Second, it was a friggin' take-out fest in here and some people who will remain nameless are not big on sharing because of my "weight problem." "Oooh..don't give Vito any chicken cacciatore..he's too fat." For the record, I am big boned and have a slow metabolism. Such negative adjectives only lead to negative self talk on my part and the next thing you know, I'm popping 600 lb Gorilla doughballs like Prozac. So can you blame me for getting my snuggle on with a sack of Teddy Grahams today? As soon as I finish licking the crumbs out of my nose wrinkle, I'm on baby carrots the rest of the week.


KT said...

I'm feelin' ya Vito. I've been known to go hog wild on those little teddy demons myself. Don't beat yourself up about it. You are a chunka chunka burnin' love in the pug world baby. Leroy says peace-out hefty-homey.

Vito the Pug said...

Thanks, baby. Tell Leroy to get his Rhodesian booty down here --we'll go hog wild on an eight-pack of Kayem franks.

lp said...

Vittle-Lovin' Vito