04 April 2006

Rapid-Fire Quizzilla

1) If you could wake up tomorrow in another country, where would you want to be? Italia. Positano.

2) What was your senior prom theme?
"Lean on Me" by Club Nouveau

3) What is your astrological sign?
Sagittarius w/Leo rising. Is there anyone who didn't know that?

4) Title of your autobiography:
Faith & Substitutes

5) What does the shape of a triangle make you think of?
Bert from Sesame Street


jal said...

1. Dominica
2. We didn't have a senior prom. We had a junior/senior banquet. Dancing was forbidden. My high school career was a little like living in "Footloose" except we never got to have the big dance at the end.
3. Leo (I have no idea what is rising or setting).
4. No idea. (That's not the title I just have no idea).
5. The little metal thing they hit in the orchestra or in irritating car commercials.

BAGS said...

1) Dingle Ireland - if you've ever been there you know why.
2) Senior Prom Theme - Don't know / can't remember. It should have been, "Just Say No". Holyoke is a lovely city to be from.
3)Libra - The Scales
4)Title of Autobiography: "Uncle Funbags - Was there life before Auntie?"
5)Nothing, a triangle

lp said...

1) St. John

2) Worst song ever: "Wonderful Tonight". I actually walked out to the lobby in protest when it played

3) Capricorn. (VERY excited that Saturn changes directions this week!)

4) "Tethered Spontaneity" or "26.2 Miles"

5) A yield sign (see autobiography name...)

Code Red said...

1) Italy

2) "Forever Young" by Alphaville

3) Aquarius with Leo rising

4) Dianetics...oh no, wait, that's taken.

5) the nutritional food pyramid...too bad I don't follow it more closely.

Anonymous said...

1) Ireland, sitting at the kitchen table with my mother
2)We didn't have a prom...we did have a dance supervised by nuns. Was there even music ?
4) "Don't piss on my leg and tell me its raining - the truth about pregnancy"
5) Food Guide Pyramid too !

wmd said...

1) Germany during Oktoberfest.

2) Either "Wonderful Tonight" or "Thank You" by Led Zep. It's a huge debate among friends because no one remembers and no one kept the engraved stein. Which makes me wonder in this pathetically pc and responsible era, instead of mugs for beer and blue balls, what do they give away now at proms?

3) Taurus, Don't know what the hell that means

4) "I'd tell you why I'm the coolest but I've only got 500 pages to work with; The WMD Story"

5) Mork from Ork's kickass costume.

SB said...

WMD - awesome.

wmd said...

Thanks Brown Guy.

Seriously though, how the F' did Happy Days spinoff a sitcom about an alien??!!