03 April 2006

Birthday Girl

Look at Miss Thing. She was so worth the 27 hours of labor and emergency C-section. Sweet Caroline turns 3 today and she's coming off a frosting high after two family birthday cakes this weekend. Next Sunday -- the Dora Pinata. Vamonos, amigos!



KT said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLINE!!! She is SO darn adorable. I would give my right arm for those curls. BTW, the "threatening threes" are waaaay more challenging than the "terrible twos"! Have fun with your pointy princess!

KT (& the Sunshine Band)

jal said...

What a perfect combination of two beautiful people, Kate and James. She's so freakin cute and a ham at that. Happy Big Three Caroline!!! Enjoy riding the sugar pony!

Aunt Lala said...

Ah, Sweet little C. Her spirally mane reminds me of Coco from "Fame"...and I do believe that this girl will be famous someday. Please tell Miss Thang that her "driends" love her and can't wait to celebrate with her and Dora next weekend.

Cameo said...

Three is my lucky number, so this will be a good year for Little C. Happy Birthday Caroline!!! Auntie F*er is very sad that she will miss your party. You see, when you get older, you get gray hair and obligations. Stay young!! xoxoxoxo. Aunt D // Aunt Cameo // Auntie F*er