18 July 2006

The Bathouse

The bath house on Constitution Beach in East Boston was slated for completion in summer 2003. Until about one month ago, the "bath house" remained a fenced-off vacant lot full of weeds, beer cans, a random shopping cart here and there, and for a few weeks, a torched futon.

It finally opened this summer to much fanfare. And by fanfare, I mean it was urinated upon and tagged by hooligans almost instantaneously. Then, as if to rub salt in the local wounds, this jive signage appeared on the building. Someone with the most tenuous grasp of the English language could not have fucked this up -- not even diehard EB residents or DCR employees who omit key consonants naturally: "Did ya see what they done to the new bat-house?" Colloquial spelling, bohemian grammar -- call it what you will -- it's offensive. I want to start a clock similar to US Weekly's Suri Cruise clock. How many days, hours, minutes will pass before the spelling is corrected?

(Photo courtesy of JAL, outraged EB resident and pissa spellah to boot.)

**UPDATE: The spelling was corrected on September 1, 2006. **


SB said...

I bet Vito misses his old "dumping" grounds.

LPD said...

KJ: Is this the former "Orient Heights" beach? I was there with my Dad years ago, listening to the broadcast of Live Aid from my purple Sony "boombox", eating ham & cheese subs from someplace in Day Sq. watching lots of old dudes in cutoff shorts, gold chains, white socks and Members Only jackets broiling in the summer sun. I remember thinking, "This beach sucks."

jal said...

HEY LPD - boy have things changed. The old leathery men are gone and now it's the brazillian youth, eastie families, kids and even a speedo or two. The new "Bathouse" will even sport a concession stand soon. Now if they can only get the grass to grow.

LPD said...

Concession stand? Well, I'll be a bat's uncle. It was a jubilant day for Southie when the Edward J. McCormack "Bathhouse" opened it's doors with sparkly new "batrooms", outdoor foot showers, a concession stand and sea kayak rental shop... A far cry from the L Street "Bathouse" and gym where everything looks like a prison and smells like cat pee.