31 July 2006

Thank God It's not the Playoffs

(Photo: "I apologize for my husband. He 's disturbed. He almost married J-Lo..remember? Cut him some slack.")

"Ben Affleck nearly interfered with Angel's first baseman Howie Kendrick on a foul pop near the Boston dugout. Affleck, who was sitting in the front row with wife Jennifer Garner, pulled back and allowed Kendrick to make the catch." -- Boston.com

I like Ben and I like Jen but I -- like any other commonfolk -- would have been ushered from those box seats like a disruptive whino had I leaped -- Peter Deluca-style -- after that foul ball. No biggie as it was not the playoffs but this should serve as a lesson to all who don't want to become the next Steve Bartman.

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james said...

Great Bartman reference.