17 October 2007

Current Events Quizilla

1) Did Ellen Degeneres overreact on her show about the dog?
I don’t think so. She’s an animal lover and I think she was genuinely upset about what happened. She's a crier. I remember her crying on a show after hosting the Oscars. In this case, she didn’t use her show and position to bash the shelter folks (which would’ve been justified after their ridiculous over-the-top sting operation) but to apologize to them, a mea culpa for not playing by the rules. She offered a tearful plea to the shelter to give the dog back to the girls. As long as she doesn’t make a habit of it and become mawkish, it’s all good.

2) What do you think about the bridezilla suing the florist for $400K?
A reptile with zero perspective. How miserable a person do you have to be? It’s your wedding day, you’re marrying the person you love, in the company of family and friends, all is festive. But, the shade of the flowers is a bit off and it’s clashing with the décor. The wedding is ruined! I'm going to weep at my wedding and then sue. We all know someone like this, though. The perpetual malcontents, the self congratulatory high maintenance who believe that their relentless disapproval equals sophisticated tastes. But they’re usually the dregs of humanity, the kinds who would throw a bug into their entrées for a free meal. Sure, if it turns out that there was some breach of contract, she should get some money back. But $400K? Emotional distress and embarrassment? Get a real problem.

3) Is it over for the Sox?
I’m not optimistic, but they’ve done it before. Three years ago this week to be exact.

4) Did you watch Matt Lauer’s interview with Larry Craig?
Yes. I watched in amazement, thinking: Wow, this guy really believes what he is saying. I wonder if he realizes how transparent he is, how evident his self-loathing is. Nope. Talk about living on deepest plane of denial. And he and his “wife” sitting there, talking about their bond, the strength of their marriage was just more evidence. I’m always skeptical when people feel like they have to do PR for their relationships.

As one blogger eloquently noted, the history of similar charges against Craig, “have been sitting out there, like the one-eyed aunt dressed as an elephant in the middle of the tea party.” He’s been caught several times with his pants down but it’s always the result of a “misunderstanding.” I think it’s odious that he – someone who shapes policy -- condemns the gay lifestyle while pursuing one in secret. And then lies about it.

5) Have you read any articles, print or online, that piqued your interest recently?
Yesterday, I read a piece on the search for the new Juan Valdez. The search was likened to the quest for a Tibetan lama, a combination of "Colombian Idol" and "Survivor," but finally resulted in the selection of Carlos Casteneda, a third generation coffee grower. The real deal. Soon, he’ll be popping up randomly in your life, he and his donkey, peeking through your kitchen window or joining you at your breakfast bar, raising his mug to you in salute for your fine taste in java. And just like before, you won't find this the least bit unsettling.


Anonymous said...

2-She's an alternative dispute resolution lawyer. She'll probably settle out of court for more than she deserves. It ain't right.
3-I just read that one gorilla suit and three monkey suits were delivered to Fenway today, anything can happen.
4-No. Did Craig try to tickle Lauer's feet with his wingtips?
5-See #3.

Pam said...

1. I love Ellen and hate to say anything bad, but...it seemed a bit much.
2. I was shaking my head when I read about that, but I have a close friend who is a buyer for a major bridal store and she will tell you, most brides (and their mothers) are crazy.
3. I don't have a good feeling about the Sox, but you are asking a Yankee fan.
4. What bothered me the most about the Craig interview was his stepford wife sitting next him, smiling inappropriately. How many times do incidents like this have to happen before she wakes up?? It's been going on since 1982!!!
5. I am obessed about the staph infection that is killing people. It is all over the news and internet today. I am ready to send my girls to school in scuba suits and I will never open a door or touch anything in public without rubber gloves!

KJ said...

I think the gorilla suit is good omen.

Pam, I so hear you about Larry Craig's wife and I have a theory: She was a staffer in his office when the first sex scandal broke and he married her pretty quickly. Their kids were not fathered by Craig, but are hers from a previous marriage. I think the Stepford knows full well that he's gay and looks the other way so she can live the life of a senator's wife. Even if it's an illusion. And even though it's kind of twisted, I have no problem with it. If you want to live your life like this. Fine. But don't use your power to squash the rights of other gay people who are out there living their lives with pride.

Staph infection: I've been slathering everyone with Purell.

Pam said...

KJ - Your theory on Mrs. Craig is brilliant. The greatest irony of this whole thing is the more he denies being gay, (wide stance?!) the more I am convinced that he is GAY! And really, who cares if your gay, just be a good person and live your life.

Did you know that Staph infection enters your bloodstream through your nose?? Yikes...

Cols said...

1). Honestly, I didn't watch the whole "meltdown." But from what I did see, she appears pretty genuine. I think the news was less about the dog and more about Ellen who puts a comedic twist on everything was the exact opposite. Although I heard from a colleague today that she's had to take a few days off to "recover" from the incident...that's a little weird to me.

2). This was one of the most ridiculous things I've heard in awhile. I had to check the news source twice, thinking this must be a story from the Onion. Ugh. The sad part is, I get the feeling this woman doesn't even "need" the money. If the wrong flower color is what you deem a tragedy, we are all doomed.

3) I'm a Yankees fan, so no comment. I can say with certainty that my Syracuse Orange football team is at the cusp of oblivion if we don't get a new coach! GRRRRR!

4) No, didn't watch it. I'm so over this story. I wish the media and Congress would find something substantive to debate. 2007 should be labeled the year of the crooked, lying politican...but then again every year could be that. I wish Matt Lauer would spend an hour on a story that would inspire people to do something good instead of gossip. I'm a purist I know...

5) Yes! There is a story in today's Wall Street Journal about how much college and university's spend on sports. Ohio State spends 107 million dollars on their varsity athletes, or $110K for each of their 980 athletes...3X on what they spend per undergraduate on education.. Scary, but a good read. Check it out: http://online.wsj.com/article_email/SB119275242417864220-lMyQjAxMDE3OTEyOTcxNTkyWj.html