01 October 2007

Dan Talbot

UPDATE 10/2: Nice words for Dan from his local paper.

I wasn't going to write about this because it's almost too sad a topic for the PU. But I can't think of anything else today. By now, everyone's heard the tragic news of the Revere police officer who was shot and killed over the weekend. Dan Talbot. Dan was our tenant in EB from 2002-2004. He and his girlfriend Connie lived downstairs from us with two ferrets named Lenny & Squiggy, and then shortly thereafter two Jack Russell terriers which they named Louie & Rocco (in the spirit of Vito). At least twice a day, the dogs would get loose and run amok in our apartment upstairs and either Dan or Connie would have to come up and coral them. These hilarious little outbursts often ended up with cocktails in the kitchen. We really got to know them while they lived downstairs. They were good kids and you could tell there was a lot of love between them. On the news, people keep describing Dan as an "all around good guy" which was true, but the cliched expression doesn't seem worthy of his kind soul. Whenever it snowed, Dan, James and JAL would shovel out all of the older neighbors cars along the street. Whenever James needed an extra man for his hockey team, Dan would sign on. He cared about the neighborhood and would park his cruiser on the sidestreet to discourage the drug dealers across the street from doing business near our house. Needless to say, it got very quiet at Furio's House of Drugs while Dan lived downstairs. By the end of 2004, we were sad to learn Dan & Connie were breaking up and going their separate ways. "Too young," they said. I just learned through the news this weekend that they ended up getting back together last year; they purchased a condo in Salem four months ago and were planning an Oct 2008 wedding. Which makes this the worst kind of tragedy. The details are sketchy. Nobody's quite sure how or why Dan & Connie ended up behind Revere High School early Saturday morning. He was on the anti-gang unit of the police force and "words" were apparently exchanged with a gang member at a bar across the street prior to the shooting. Dan was only 30 years old. Then one night, a brief encounter, a judgment call, perhaps. It's all over. I can't begin to imagine the heartbreak. That said, thoughts can't be anywhere except with Connie on what are sure to be the most difficult days ahead.


jal said...

KJ - I am still having trouble believing this is actually going on. As you state, Dan was such a great guy and Connie was always so nice while they were our neighbors. As evidenced by their respective myspace pages things were going really well for them. My thoughts are most definitely with Connie. She deserves the utmost peace and comfort now. I'm half thinking about going to the wake or service. What do you think. Would that be strange since we were just neighbors? They were both just so nice.

KJ said...

I know, JAL. I keep seeing his picture and it just doesn't seem real. James and I are going to try to make it to at least one of the services. I'll call you.

Anonymous said...

Appears some improprieties went on behind the bleachers by the boys in blue. Looks like they are trying their hardest to cover it up. Very strange.

KJ said...

I agree something seems strange but thoughts should be with Dan's family and friends and especially Connie right now.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers, peace and comfort to Officer Talbot's family, his friends, and his fiancee.

Christopher King said...

And I am NOT casting aspersions toward Officer Talbot, but this just doesn't add up.

How did his peers not manage to drop any of the alleged assailants?

Why were they hanging out in a school yard after drinking at Margarita's?

Were they drinking at the school yard?

Was Officer Talbot's fiancee at an active police detail of some sort?

I will be following this case and BTW some folks have called it a murder and as a journalist who has edited a statewide weekly in Ohio and reported for the Indianapolis Star trust me you cannot ethically call it a murder until there is an adjudication.


I am going to post a link to your blog on mine because I do believe in balanced reporting and you are the first person I have read who has offered a personal direct observation of Officer Talbot.


Christopher King said...

Hi Kate,

Here is the link to the entry I just posted. So many people are quick to make declarative statements one way or another it's ridiculous. At this point all we can do is have some empathy for the family and ask the questions that must be asked.


Christopher King said...




Anonymous said...

I was a good friend of Dan's while we were in the ARMY together. He was a great guy and the only one I kept up with after the service. I will miss him dearly. I enjoy hearing the stories about his life. He was so much fun to be around. I hope I see Dan again when I leave this world.

Connie said...

Kate, as Dan is always on my mind. He has been weighing on it particularly a lot the past couple of days and as I result I have found myself googling his name and reading articles, blogs, and comments over and over and over. It was refreshing to see something written by someone who actually knew Dan and could write something about the person he truly was; a caring, thoughtful, intelligent, funny, dedicated, motivated young man. My days have been long and a day doesn't go by that I don't miss him. Thank you for this blog. I only wish I would have read it sooner.

Hope all is well with you, James, and the babie(s)...say hi to Vito for me.