15 October 2007

Truck Touchers

You can't throw a doggie bag of shrimp scampi out the window without hitting one of these popular suburban extravaganzas. Usually held in random parking lots, "Touch a Truck" events let kids get up close and hands on with the motor vehicles of their absolute fascination. Paulie almost faints whenever a fire truck or school bus rolls by, Caroline always asks if she can drive Stu's truck (mailman). Here, they were able to take their vehicular fancy to new heights, climbing into the cabs of 18 wheelers and hook and ladders, running amok on the back of a flatbead, and crawling around, in and out of some police cruisers and mailtrucks. Then they can got their faces painted and had some snacks. What’s better than that? Apparently the free trolley ride,
included in the price of admission, that takes you up and down scenic Route 53. The sightseeing through trolley windows proved to be much more exhilarating than that of the daily Volvo excursions:

“There’s 7 Eleven!”

“Oh my God, there’s Webb’s. It’s Webb’s! We take swimming lessons there!”

“Oh my, oh wait a minute, are we going to pass Finagle a Bagel? I think we are! There it is! Look!


Anonymous said...

I think it should be Touch a Truck, Grope a Firefighter. KB

Code Red said...

Now you know...no need to waste your money taking the kids to Disney World. Just rent a trolley and drive them up and down Route 53!