31 October 2007

Halloweeeen Quizzilla (Boo!)

1) What are your plans for Halloween night?

Trick or treating early. Friends stopping by after for a sugar high dance party with "Dorothy Gale" and a "Pig with Glasses." And if we're really lucky, we'll see an infant italian monkey and a wee girl in Peapod bunting. I'm sure wine and chocolate and Sweet Tarts will be involved. I can feel the first blush of a migraine coming on just thinking about it.

2) What are your Top 3 favorite Halloween costumes of all time? (It doesn't have to be one of your own)

-Charlie Brown ghost costume -- a sheet with numerous holes cut out and a treat bag full of rocks. (Me, a long time ago)

-Daniel LaRusso in the Shower (T-Bag, not that long ago)

-Aluminum Foil Swan Doggie Bag (Waiter at Dali -- not that long ago, via S)

3) Have you "Boo"-ed or been "Boo" - ed?

Both, several times over. In case you're unfamiliar, "BOOING" is a suburban phenomenon where someone leaves a sack of treats on your doorstep (usually candy and Halloween favors and junk), rings the doorbell and runs off. In addition to treats, the boo sack contains a picture of a ghost named "Boo" that you have to hang on your door to let other potential booers know you've already been booed and to go boo elsewhere. Once you're booed, you are charged with the responsibility of booing two other neighbors within 24 hours. It's basically a high maintenance chain letter. Of course, we've been booed a number of times, regardless of the ghost on the door. We thought of re-booing the boo sacks. So, we went out booing last night -- three neighbors -- which was a little too exhilarating for C&P. Future toiletpaperers and eggers of the South Shore.

4) What is your Halloween Candy personality?

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I'm partial to Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Twix and Twizzlers which, according to the chart, means I am a generous soul trapped between two personalities and deep down, a truly demented sicko.

5)What was the last Halloween party you attended?

It was two years ago, a Halloween/Birthday party for one of James' friend's daughters. They had this contest where you had to eat a honey-dipped donut that was hanging off a string with your hands behind your back. Caroline walked up to the line, ripped the donut off the string and wolfed it down in about three bites. In her defense, she was 2 and the other kids were 7 and 8 so it was ok. The other night we were wondering why nobody has Halloween parties anymore -- think Brandy Petes, etc. Then we realized that plenty of people still have them, we're just not invited to them, and even if we were, we probably couldn't go anyway. O-L-D.


Anonymous said...

1. Party in complex courtyard. Pictures taken. A little BBQ.

2. 1.Yes, the Dali waiter.2. I just saw several UCLA co-eds on their way to class, in maid outfits and, I think, a little bo-peep. That was pretty good (sorry GOMD). 3. An Indian from Calcutta, dressed as a Native American. Silly. Very silly.

3. No.

4. Candy Corn. Delusional. Purely.

5.Last year, same courtyard party.

Pam said...

1. Trick or treating once it gets dark - meeting up with several neighbors. I drag the wagon with the cooler. The cooler contains some light beer, that is my treat.

2. Last year my daughter was Smarty Pants. We taped a bunch of Smarties all over her pants.
My friend's daugther Melissa was a Deal or No Deal Girl with a silver brief case that opened up to expose a pumpkin you could put candy in. I know a guy was a chick magnet - he wore a silver suit (it looked like tin foil) and taped Barbie Dolls all over himself - hysterical.

3. Down here we call it Hob Goblined (is that a word?). We got hit twice this year.

4. Favorites include but are not limited to:
Reeses Peanut butter cups, Butterfingers, 100,000 Grand, Snickers, Nestles Crunch. I guess this means that I am an extremely generous soul - it also means my jeans will be getting tight in about a week.

5. I cannot even remember the last Halloween party I attended. We have a friend who holds a pumpkin carving party the week before Halloween, but I don't think that counts.

Have fun tonight, be safe!!

Anonymous said...

1-Crashing the 1987 Prom at the Harp.
2-"Freudian Slip" "Sister Mary Suicide Bomber" "Wilford Brimley, Electrocuted"
4-Twizzlers. Demented Sicko
5-Brandy Pete's, last year. (No lie)