20 January 2008

DOT Suppah

Suppah Club is back with a vengeance after a four-month hiatus brought on by weather-related disasters. At long last, the burds gathered at 224 Boston in Dorchester which never disappoints. Even when the place is jam-packed. Even with the ever-present possibility of face-butting another patron. Even when conversation involves hollerin' over the Boston Street Cod Cakes and imaginary (or not) elfin-like whistles that followed us trom the trunk of Auntie's car.

Fine dining in a vice-like grip between chair and table.

(Flo-Ha bound)

After dinner, KT and I headed over to Florian Hall for a fundraiser beneath flourescent lights where we sought out DT and James among a sea of men in January jorts.


bg said...

Whoa, Whoa. KJ - people were wearing jorts at Florian Hall? Just some random Dot dudes? I'd expect this in May - October... but in freezing temperatures?

By the way, you looked baked in the first picture. Ha!

KJ said...

BG-I have no answer for the Jan jorts. There were some tube socks as well, and incidentally, some Mark Morris lookalikes. I was wearing bell bottoms and no socks so I shouldn't be playing fashion police. They raise $50K too which was impressive.

Yes, that horrid photo. I am giggling as if baked, but not. Perhaps should've been!

bg said...

Wearing bell bottoms w/out socks is not even in the same sport as the jort (that rhyme was intentional). It's almost fair to say that jorts are the summer's version of "dad jeans".

lpd said...

I'm sending out that @#$%& Suppah Club Spreadsheet shortly... So bitter I couldn't make it. Y'all look lovely in the photos and it looks like a grand time was had for all. SWAK