11 January 2008

Random Quizzilla

1. When was the last time you received a surprise in the mail, and what was it?
Last summer. A bumper sticker that said “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”

2. On what day of the week were you born? At what time?
Saturday, 9:55 p.m.

3. Tell us something special about your hometown.
It’s actually an island.

4. With which cartoon character(s) do you share personality traits?
Snoopy. I've also been told I’m like a character on Scooby Doo who leans against a door and spins everyone into another dimension.

5. Do you have any phobias? If so, can you trace them to any past event?
I have mad claustrophobia -- I always have and I don't know why. I also fear heights but only when outside, close to an edge. I don't know if I'm afraid of the height so much as I might lose it for a moment and jump. I always thought this was just more evidence of my own insanity but apparently it's a very common response.


Anonymous said...

1. Several days ago. A chain letter.

2. Tues. 10:21am.

3. It is rumored to have the oldest continuously operated bowling alley in America.

4. Foghorn Leghorn. I periodically stutter, and give unnecessary emphasis and repetition; e.g. "What is mean, I mean..."

5. Bridges. Older cousins threatening to throw me out the window as we drove over the Mt. Hope. That might've done it.

WMD said...

1) A few months ago. 2 sheets of return address labels from the MSPCA with cartoons of dogs and kittens with my name and address on them, trying to get me to donate. I did not donate, use them for bills and frequently kick puppies to up the irony.

2) Thursday, I think 2:50pm. From there on referred to as the Golden Hour.

3) Wootown?.. Where to begin? origin of the smily face, shredded wheat and barbed wire?... I'll go with the hometown of the Golden Gloves of Milwaukee, yes, the Big Ragu, Carmine Ragusa

4) Sadly, it's more and more Cartman (see MSCPA reference above)

5) Irrational one: spiders. Can't trace it. It's odd because snakes or other bugs (ants, roaches, etc.) don't bother me at all.

Anonymous said...

1-AARP Catalog but then realized it belonged to my neighbor
2-10:16p.m., Tuesday
3-Was supposed to be named "Granitehead"
4-Fred Flintsone

BAGS said...

1)Yesterday. Auntie ordered a double stroller for the boys. I was surprised by this.

2)Thirsty Thursday @ 10:10 AM

3)Holyoke - Where volleyball was invented. Also Holyoke is the annual leader in teenage pregnancy rate for the state of Massachusetts.

4)Brian from The Family Guy.

5)None that I am aware of.

Code Red said...

1) Yesterday. Recieved a jacket with my agency's logo emblazoned on the front. Don't think I'll be wearing that!

2) Saturday. 5:02pm

3)Home of the former Baker Chocolate Factory, the first chocolate producer in the US. Also, the birthplace of George Bush (Senior).

4) A former co-worker told me I reminded him of Kim Possible. Not sure if we share personality traits though...never seen the show.

5) Ironically, I have a fear of flying.

Sac said...

1. Cannot remember the last surprise in the mail. I guess that is a good thing.
2. Monday, Columbus Day, 8:33am. Pre scheduled c section on a 3 day weekend.
3. South Hadley: Tree Town USA, Far enough away from Holyoke to have better schools but close enough to buy drugs.
4. Pete Puma-uncontrollable urge to ask how many lumps you want with your coffee
5. Just don't like snakes. Nothing personal, just don't like the little fuckers.

bg said...

1. I received a DVD from Columbia House. I was surprised b/c I’m usually pretty good about declining the “Director’s Selection” of the month on-line, but I obviously missed this one. The painful thing is not opening it to see what the DVD is. If you don’t open it, you can send it back for free by writing “REFUSED” on the box. I’ll never know what it was.

2. Thursday 6:45pm, July 16th (write it down – hint hint)

3. Ashburnham is Indian for “Town of Many Lakes”. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Oh and it’s also the home of Cushing Academy. The town-folk went nuts when Dionne Warwick buzzed through town center in a stretch limo to go to her daughter’s graduation.

4. No idea. Anyone?

5. Needles. Every time I go to the doctor for a physical I cringe at the syringe. I have to look away and call myself out as a pussy to the nurse.

2 side notes:
WMD - I can't believe you refer to Worcester as "Wootown". That's Woburn's nickname! Or are you telling me that Worcester earned that nickname first? If so, the last 14 years of my life are a sham.

Annie - your pic on this blog IS Kim Possible!!

LPD said...

1. The week before Christmas, a giant box of Omaha Steaks arrived, a present from Clarence, my aunt & uncle's Saint Bernard.

2. Tuesday, 10:40 p.m.

3. Raynham, MA, is the site of the first Iron Works in America. I believe it may also be the least diverse place in the world.

4. I was called "Holly Hobby" a lot as a kid, since I was quiet and had freckles. I don't really see it -- wasn't she a mute?? Guess I'd have to say Jerry from Tom & Jerry -- small, restless and always one step ahead of the ornery character with which he shares a home...heh heh.

5. Cockroaches. BIG TIME. I practically hyperventilate when I see one on TV. [shudder]

LPD said...

PS...Codered, I cracked up at the though of you wearing a varsity jacket for your agency. Please bring it around the next time we gather.

lpd said...

PS...Codered, I cracked up at the though of you wearing a varsity jacket for your agency. Please bring it around the next time we gather.

KJ said...

Yes! I suggested that she wear it to SC on Friday night.

james said...

1) Surprise in the mail...Parts for our Clothes Washer that breaks weekly. Thank god for the service plan. The Tech ordered them for the next time we call him.I saw several large boxes and was getting psyked for something cool.
2)Don't know day or time I was born
3)Weymouth - More concert shirts and workboots per capita than anywhere else in Mass.
4)No Cartoon Character but I made a great Steve Erckel one Halloween.