29 January 2008

MF One Pin

Our bowling outing to Lucky Strike on Lansdowne: Retro hoopla + Overstimulation = Simply awesome. We planned the big ball bowling precisely because "there will be more strikes," yet were consistently foiled, time and time again, by the MF one pin. Knocking down nine, with one standing, wobbling slightly, but ultimately refusing to go down. Was it simply Candlepins vets off their game or a conspiracy of pins? Lucky Strike, my butt. All I know is those big balls are heavy; I let one fly on the backswing and almost injured some friends. (Sorry) Anyway, enjoy a crappy slideshow of the good times (and mounting frustration) of what will undoubtedly become a traditional outing.


bg said...

Nice job KJ!! Thanks for putting the slide show together. And thanks to all for attending, and I'm sorry for those who could not make it. Don't worry, bowling is here forever.

Bean Down Under said...

KJ - what a coincidence. I went 'American' bowling here in Brisbane on Saturday! Same f'ing 1 pin was laughing at us from down under in the Southern Hemisphere. But the balls did roll in the opposite direction.... ponder that one! I did beat a Scot and an Irish woman. America would be proud! James would be proud because I won $40! Never knew ten pin bowling was classified as 'American' through out the world until they told me.

KJ said...

EPB-That's too funny. We were both bowling on the same day on opposite sides of the world. We'll have to go when you come home. I just found out the alley up the street has disco bowling on the weekends. I cannot BELIEVE I just found this out. How many Fridays we've missed!

Your comment begs the question: If ten pin is American bowling, what is Australian bowling?

Balls rolling in opposite directions, toilets flushing counterclockwise...what else...?

Bowling is forever.

Bean Down Under said...

KJ - Australian bowling is also known as lawn bowling. Its more similar to bocce than to ten pin bowling. On Sundays the lawn bowling clubs have 'bare foot' bowling which is just an excuse for people to get together, socialize, and have a few drinks before having to wind down their weekend.

btw.... the balls roll in the dame direction down here. I just like to tell everyone that everything is opposite 'down under'. It is true that the water drains in the opposite direction! That is no fable!