25 January 2008

Random Quizzilla

1) Pick one: pineapple, orange, banana, apple, cherry.

2) What do your sunglasses look like?
Like this.

3) What is your favorite kind of gum?
Trident Splash Strawberry Lime.

4) How comfortable are you with nudity?
It depends on the context. I’m not quite as comfortable as Rosemarie and Kathy, the 70-something ladies at my gym who after their water aerobics class head into the sauna, strip off their suits and apply lotion while discussing what’s on special at Hannafords.

5) If the sky could be another color, what color do you think would look best?
Peachy pink, the color of the sunset all day long.


Anonymous said...

2-Rayban aviators
3-Traditional juicy fruit
4-Good or bad, I'm an advocate
5-Bright white

bg said...

1) Pineapple

2) Ray-Ban, not sure of the style though. They’re larger than the skinny sporty Ray-Bans but not even half the size of those Nicole Richie bug-eyed glasses.

3) Ice-Breakers. Big Red if I’m going 420, just for the nostalgic effect.

4) I’m less comfortable now than I was in my streaking days. But I’m still OK with strolling around in my apartment nude if I need to (how do you feel about that Downey? Always knock before you enter!)

5) I’m going to have to go with KJ on the pinky-peach color. There’s nothing better than chilling outside in the summer while the sky is that color.

Frank said...

2)Good question, haven't seen them in weeks. If you find them please send them back to me.
3)Any gum that keeps it's flavor for more then 25 seconds
4)Nude men = BOOOOO!!!! Nude women = YAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!
5)I'll tell you once I get my sunglasses back. That sun thingy is bright!!!

jal said...

1. Pineapple
2. Oakley Polarized Square Wire
3. Altoid Cinnamon Chewing Gum
4. Depends on the context. If I'm ever going to see any of the individuals around again - not likely. If I'm not - what the hell.
5. I like the early evening twilight the best myself.

Anonymous said...

1. apple - 'natures toothbrush'
2. dated. bought a decent pair close to a decade age AND STILL HAVE THEM.
3. fan of the classic Big Red. great when you a) lack a toothbrush and b) lack an apple.
4. didn't mind nudity so much until out of the shower one day the morning sun from the window lit my mid-thirties body hair on fire. holy crap.
5. this is a tough question...ever see that paint that changes tone depending on angle of view? that would be cool. pick the color

BELKYS said...

2.They are a shitty pair from Sunglasses Hut that I got after losing an expensive pair last year
3.I am Old School-Big Red, Doublemint, anything Wrigley's
4.Comfortable with good nudity, bad nudity not so much
5.I will 2ND or 3RD the sunset colors

Alex said...

1. Banana

2. Give me Serengeti's or give me nothing.

3. Any of the 'square, pop thru foil' varietal.

4. "yes, have some"

5. If it was green, we wouldn't know when to stop mowing! ZING!

Anonymous said...

1. Cherry
2. Identical to the ones my friend left in my car.
3. ABC
4. My own: More than I have a right to be.
Others: After a vacation at a Euro-friendly (i.e., topless)resort, no longer willing to take the worm with the apple.
5. Badd.

James said...

1)Tough one... Pineapple
2) Maui Jim - Prescription cost me arm and two legs. Need Lasik.
3)Don't like gum much.
4) Very
5) Red

bg said...

I'm sure Kate and other Lady Owls will confirm James' comfort with nudity after they had watched him moon the car they were in as they left my beach. He didn't realize at the time that my mom was in that car.

lpd said...

1) Pineapple
2) Big, buglike, brown
3) Oldschool: Fruit Stripes, Now, anything "whitening" or bursting with minty goodness
4) Rather uncomfortable. (RE: underwear, "I'm wearin 'em Kate, I'm wearin 'em."
5) Lavender. Never gray.