01 February 2009

Last Suppahs (with hair) and Other Gatherings

Tomorrow I start mainlining chemo at the DF and will continue to do so through June. So, we kicked off our "Fuck Cancer 2009" tour (many thanks for the lid, Cameo) this past week. For a few days, I suspended my fascist vegan, no caffeine, no alcohol, no gluten, no meat, no dairy nunnish existence and got down to celebrating my last days with hair and high energy (for a while) with people I love.

James and I stay out past 11 p.m. at Tosca Caffe with P and Maria

Burds among burds at Strawberry Fair.

Mr. Bean's fireside dinner in the burbs.

Snack and story time at Paulie's school.

"I'm NOT a inspiration, I'm stoned on anti-anxiety meds."

Slainte! January Suppah Club@Rustic Kitchen

Cam at age 8: "I loved to hop up on the can at my grandmother's house. Splash on a little Jean Nate and scratch my back with a monkey paw."

Lizard Lounge (at Papa Razzi): Liz and I raise a toast with pomegranate martinis, aka the Fuck Cancertini. Pomegranate is a very potent anti-cancer fruit.

My favorite girl along for the lunch.

And another favorite girl along for the gelato! LPD gathers energy for surplus shopping.

Escape from the Japanese suburban danceclub! Jacksons/Nortons/Drinans score a table among the clusterfuck at Burton's.

Katie, Gena and I: "balls deep" in the anti-cancer booze.


Auntie said...

Great time on Friday! Love you my friend.

What a beautiful picture of Caroline and her Mommy. xoxo

Roving Lemon said...

Nice pics. And LOVE the chapeau. Please tell me you're wearing it to DF on Monday.

Love from N, D & B

Dr. Nic said...

I was once told "you can count your best friends on one hand". Oh what a load of shite! You are a great friend to so many and we are all here for you now!

I wonder if they noticed the notches missing from the table at RK ? I'm laughing to myself now with the thought that just came into my head. Will share it with you in person :)

love you

The Kennedy Klan said...


All I can say is that your attitude and spirit are amazing! You are such an inspiration. Good luck tomorrow. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Love John and Kelley

bg said...

Holy crap you were everywhere this past week/weekend! It was great to hang out with you and the other Lady Owls on Friday. Kick some ase tomorrow.

Alex said...

KJ -Thank's for your posts. Calling this shit out like you do (and it is "buuuullll shiiiiitt...") is calling it to the carpet, no unknowns, no taboo's.

There's a well of energy here for any that may get displaced.

And fuck cancertini's on the rocks or straght up!

Our best going forward, one love.


Anonymous said...

You are so amazing and strong! It sounds like you had a great "fuck cancer" weekend! I wish we could have been there to support you.
Good luck today and keep your spirits up! You are always on our minds. Stay strong, and kick it's ass!


Dayna and Billy

Bean Down Under said...

Hey KJ -

Good luck with the treatments! You are in great hands at the DF!

Auntie Joanne said...


Love the hat! Love your spirit, courage and eloquent writing, laughing and crying as I read your blog! Here for you always!!

Love, Auntie J and Uncle Michael

Anonymous said...

KJ...Good luck today...you are beautiful!! Mama G.

Linda said...

I vehemently disagree - you can be simultaneously inspirational AND stoned off your ass on anti-anxiety meds. Now, if I could just get my hands on some...

I hope today was as good as it could be and not as bad as it might be. I'm thinking of you and sending you "the good stuff" (maybe not as good as the anti-anxiety meds) every day.

Much love,

BJ Burke said...

When do the "Fuck Cancer 2009 Tour" t-shirts come in?


katie o. said...

I was moping around, feeling overwhelmed and shitty about what we have been handed as a family these last two years-- and then I checked in with the PU as I have done every day this week, and what do I see? ...my brilliant, defiant aunt Kate sporting a FUCK CANCER hat!

Oh, thank you for reminding me of who you are! If you're on the kick ass train, it's time for me to stop worrying and jump on board. I'd love one of those hats. Think I'll lose my job if I wear it to school? The kids will love it!

Anonymous said...

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LPD said...

I can't believe you've been SPAMMED at a time like this (see comment above). Nice work, Sarang, you donkey. Shoo! Shoo!

Anyhoo, big big love to you, KJ. Your courage continues to amaze and inspire. Let's knock this thing out of your knockers and get thee a new pair by Nantucket 2010.

As always, thoughts and prayers are with you every day. Nonstop.


Cols said...

I plan to drown myself in many "fuck cancertinis" here in Washington in your honor my friend.

Thoughts, prayers, love and lots of celestial loveliness is yours now and forever!!

Cols and the "Amazing" Mary