17 February 2009

An "On Weekend" with Dining out, Wigs, Wii & and MF Chicken Vesuvio

This weekend was still very much "ON" and we took full advantage of the high energy and spirits to make four fun-filled stops on our "Fuck Cancer Tour 2009." 1. Friday night, with P, Maria, the Taylors and the always hilarious John-Paul, we headed to the new Franklin Cafe in Southie where we planted ourselves in a booth by the window and didn't move from for many, many hours. Over some comfort food and booze, we watched the crowds around us morph from "after work," to "on the prowl," to "booting on Dorchester Ave." 2. On Sat, Nic and I took the girls to Dorothy's Boutique for some serious wig shopping (there will be a longer post about that this week) and then met Cameo and BG for lunch at Amhreins. The second leg of the tour landed us back in the burbs for back-to-back early dinners with friends and kids. First stop, the Rowlette's for some quesadillas, many laughs, and Wii (and racing around on child-sized ride-on toys). James even headed out to the Banshee the next AM with Mark -- at 9 a.m.-- to watch the Italian-Irish soccer match. Sunday, we were treated to some MF Chicken Vesuvio at the Higgin's house, which we half-Italians had never heard of and will never forget again. Yum. It was nice -- as always -- to sit with Gwen in the kitchen and catch up as the kids ran amok dressed up in princess garb. Paulie refused to be pulled into that this time and was on a mission to scare up some trucks and ways to scare with dinosaur parts.

It was definitely a full weekend, a positive springboard into the treatment number two of toxic stew at the Dana today. (a longer post coming on that this week too). Maria watched the kids all day while I was at treatment and when we got back she and the kids gave me the "Sinead O'Connor" haircut. Take that chemo-induced propecia! We beat you to punch or baldness, whatever the case may be (pics coming on that). My tiny head, for whatever reason, yielded the 10+ inches for Locks of Love so that'll be shipped off today in several peoples' names.

My second chemo is hitting me a little harder just like they said it would. Just pure exhaustion. As soon as I finishing typing this, I expect to go all dog tired. But much more later. In the meantime, enjoy my crappy low res slideshow of this fantastic "ON" weekend.

The Seven Songs of the Day (appropriate ones at that)

Toxic – Brittney Spears
Smokin – Boston
Radiation Vibe – Fountains of Wayne
Born to Fight – Tracy Chapman
Mad World – Tears for Fears
Feel Good Inc. – Gorillaz
Fix You – Cold Play

Courtesy of BJ Burke (my cuz)


Michelle said...

You look BEAUTIFUL in every one of those wigs!

Thinking of you this week.


Anonymous said...

You are totally rockin' the wigs!!!

The kids are adorable!

Keep up your fighting spirit, sista!


Mark R said...


I love the posts each day and am very to see each time it updates. However, I must firmly point out the enormous difference between Rugby and Soccer. I thought James was paying attention, maybe next time.

Hope you're feeling okay, gloves in the mail box.

Mark R

Roving Lemon said...

Love the slideshow, and the soundtrack. Downloaded that from iTunes and bookmarked a Chicken Vesuvio recipe. This blog is entertaining and informative!

Sending good vibes for 'chemo' week #2.

Love from N, D & B

PS 'Booting on Dot Ave'--some things never change!

Bob said...


It struck me that your attitude towards all of this can best be depicted in the shot of Paulie working the Wii.

Look at his face! Tell me that's not you?!

Checking in seldom, thinking of you often.