14 February 2009

Seven Songs of the Day

1. Bittersweet - Big Head Todd & The Monsters
2.The Resolution - Jack's Mannequin
3. MakeDamnSure - Taking Back Sunday
4. After Tonite - Justin Nozuka
5. You Got Me - One Block Radius
6. The Only Answer - Mike Doughty
7. You Look Like Rain - Morphine

Courtesy of KT

(Why, thank you)


Anonymous said...

had my first chemo fri. 13th and i am still walking and talking. love your stories on the pointy universe. that's a good picture of nana rie. i will be thinking of you on mon. keep on trucking.
luv, jojo

KT said...

Fabulous time, KJ!! Awesome food and even better company. Laughing is good for the tumor! And my first Fuck Cancertini!! Woohoo! Kick ass tomorrow, girl. We'll be rooting you on.

Roving Lemon said...

Keep those Fuck Cancertinis coming! Beef up those antioxidants for Round 2.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture of you and KT. I need to toast you with one of those Fuck Cancertinis. You have such wonderful friends Kate, and sistas of course.. See you guys maybe for coffee and munchins for the babies tomorrow a.m. I am actually missing Kayla, who would of thought????


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate:

I'll have to order one of your FXXX Cancertini's the next time I'm out! Good Luck today!

Love, Auntie J

Paula said...

KJ... hope your day went as well as can be expected... sent you a playlist and LK is busily working on one too.. thinking of you today!