13 March 2009

Bragging Rights

(Eating down the fridge)

My friend Nancy has been chronicling her culinary adventures Down Under on her blog The Roving Lemon since last fall. But this week, she's bringing it back to the States. The Washington Post asked Nancy to guest blog for their popular food site, "A Mighty Appetite," this week (alongside other food writers of gastronomic proportions). Right where she should be. Check it out here, but not before checking the produce drawer of your fridge for a bag of rotting carrots. Way to go, N! I can't wait to try your new creation.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Nancy sure has come a long way from Codman Hill Ave in good old Dorchester!!


Roving Lemon said...

KJ - Thanks so much for the promo! You're the best.

PG - Well, you can take the girl out of Dorchester, etc....Hope all's well with you!