02 March 2009

Get on your (MF) Boots (again)

Live, On the Drip, DF 10
I'm here mainlining my poison, curtain drawn, no window seat. A new chemo nurse proving to be our biggest challenge yet just blew our game by offering up, unsolicited: "Westwood cancelled school last night at 8 p.m." *Westwood.* Damnit. We would've gotten there. My first impression was JP but my intuition said go west. Now we'll never know.

James is off on a mission to find some top secret (not anymore) list that DF patients can put their names on for free Sox tickets. In the meantime, I thought I'd post a quick playlist. I Shazam-ed a couple of these songs from WERS on the drive in as we dodged caravans of snowplows.

7 Songs of the Day -- 3/2/2009
1) Get on Your Boots -- U2
2) Sawdust Man -- Ben Kweller
3) Inni Mer Syng...Vitleysingur (Inside me a lunatic sings) -- Sigur Ros
4) Linger -- Jonatha Brooke
5) Troubled Mind -- Everything but the Girl
6) Overkill (acoustic) -- Colin Hay/Men at Work
7) Shake your Body Down to the Ground -- Michael Jackson

Red death: 3 down, 1 to go


Anonymous said...

It me erins cousin, it is on the first floor, near the food court.
Good luck today!

mr said...

Hey Kate while you are trying to pass the time, check out Pandora a free app for iphone. Free music. and Truphone, free international calls via wireless internet.


Anonymous said...

HI kate Don't worry I'm sure with James luck you will not only get free sox tickets but the only ones they'll have left will be in Theo and John Henrys luxary box! Wish you well today !! xox Mary

Roving Lemon said...

One more down! Sending hugs from Down Under.

N, D & B

Diana said...

F*er....you're in the home stretch! Great song list by the way. How are you feeling? Sending you something in the mail for a good giggle. xoxo

lpd said...

Another one down, KJ. I wish you well this week. I wish you Red Sox tickets. I wish an early Spring arrival on your doorstep. (OK, the last wish is a bit self-serving, but I do wish it for you more than myself, so not totally selfish...).

Sending good vibes your way. I'll check in with you tomorrow.


Carrie M. said...

Hang in there Kate! I'm sending positive thoughts your way! Hope you feel ok. Stay strong!

Dr. Nic said...

Planning another night out for us....all you need to do is show up : )

You should laugh in the face of b'cancer - it may slow you down but it won't keep you down Mama !

Be kind to yourself this week.

Anonymous said...

Yippee, just one more to go.....I hope Jamie scored tickets to a game or at least a show. Love you and keep on trudging.