26 August 2005

Cream Shop Friday: Wine Doggy Bags

(photo: Bring your wine home in a "stay-fresh" pouch)

It's refreshing to see that our legislators have their priorities straight on the issues that count. A bill is making its way through the State House that would allow restaurants to doggy bag unfinished bottles of wine for their customers. I spent some time in the Cream Shop on this one because, as a tremendous wino, I can't believe the notion of taking home unfinished wine NEVER crossed my mind. I realized shortly thereafter that I never considered it because I've never left a bottle of vino unfinished. But now that I am a 'burbanite and can no longer fold myself into a cab, I may benefit greatly from this legislation as will many others who take the drink. Drunken driving could decrease statewide as pressure to finish an $85 bottle of wine is lifted. That is, as long as the driver doesn't raid the doggy bag and polish off the leftovers on the ride home.


SB said...

At $45 a bottle/$10 per glass... why rush it? Take it home and enjoy with the doggy bag of food you scurry out with.

Celine said...

Our fearless leaders hard at work, tackling the the tough issues. I love this state.

LP said...

Sad that leftover wine has never been a problem for me. Hmm...maybe that actually IS a problem.