28 February 2006

Dream On

"There's someone like everyone but there’s no one like Pete."

With these words, James, the best man, kicked off Pete & Apryl's wedding reception. In a toast rife with classic DeLuca anecdotes, James told his audience this long-held sentiment about Pete expired about five years ago when he met his better half. Indeed there is someone like him -- his bride, Apryl.

(Best Man James)

Both Pete & Apryl can kick any moment -- big or small -- up several notches. As James noted, they don't just go skiing, they go skiing in Chile. They don't just go to a Patriots' game, they go to the Super Bowl. They don't just go to a Sox game, they go to the World Series. But the best part is they appreciate every second of their good times. They are always aware when significant moments are unfolding, whether the moments are part of their own personal history or history at large. Pete called James after the Red Sox won the World Series in St. Louis; he and Apryl were leaning over the first base line filling their pockets with dirt from the infield.

So, it's no surprise that their wedding, in keeping with their philosophy, was just as memorable. Let's pause briefly for a few photos...

The ceremony and the reception were at the State Room (formerly the Bay Tower Room), a gorgeous venue on the 33rd floor of Sixty State Street where floor to ceiling windows show off panoramic views of the city and harbor. And once the snow and fog cleared, Pete & Apryl -- in front of friends, family and a crystal clear city night -- exchanged vows as each other's "biggest challenge and best friend."

Their band, Nightshift, was undoubtedly one of the best wedding bands I've ever seen. They transitioned, almost seamlessly, from Pete & Apryl's wedding song "All I Ask of You" from Phantom of the Opera, to 70s disco, then to a little funk, to some classic Michael Jackson and even a bit of U2 and Coldplay. Very few people sat down during this wedding as there were musical goodies for all to get down to.

(Out of my way! I must dance to Billie Jean. >>)

When the band played "Beautiful Day" by U2, a wedding guest who had to be in his 70s, stood a few feet away from me with his arms raised, singing, "DAAAAAAY." On the flip side of the family, Kyle and Dan "the Duke" DeLuca made their way inside many a dancefloor circle.

(Paul & Maria catch a bass line)

At the end of the evening, Pete took the mic. He thanked Jamie for inviting Paul and Maria, and Maria for inviting Apryl on the now infamous ski trip to Whistler five years ago where he first met his wife to be. And then, in an unexpected twist that was both surreal and hilarious, Pete and two of his friends on drums and guitar tore into "Dream On" by Aerosmith. It's important to note that Pete has never been in a band. Still, he busted some Steve Tyler-esque antics with the microphone, pulled off a few high kicks, and got really sweaty as the song built to its crescendo. While the singing left much to be desired, the message in the music was something of an invitation: "Sing with me if it's just for today. Maybe tomorrow the good lord will take you away." They are words that Pete and Apryl live by. And last Saturday night, everyone at the wedding lived by them too.


stevieB said...

Great Night!! Capped off with Pete's incredible or should I say unforgetable version of "dream On" driving home James point of "somebody like everybody but nobody like Pete"

lp said...

Congrats Pete & Apryl! Y'all looked gaw-geous.

Somebody please tell me there is a video someplace of the impromptu performance by Pete and his "band".

I dig PM Dawn's fly rainbow-stripey tie.

james said...

LP, we can't even find a photo of the Artist. Great wedding. Good to see the boys together which always leads to trouble. Easy to say by looking at the pictures that we all married up.