01 February 2006

Plagued by the Piano Man

I’m troubled by a vivid dream I had the other night. In the dream, I was working at my satellite office. It was Panera but it wasn’t Panera; it was quieter, dingier, and more harshly lit, kind of like a greasy diner. I was working on my laptop and these renegade pop-ups kept popping up. They were all still shots of Billy Joel, complete with sound, which for reasons unknown were set at ear-splitting decibels. Every two seconds, a different Billy Joel song shattered the quiet of the dirty Panera. YOU MAY BE RIGHT! I MAY BE CRAZY. And before I could shut one down, another one would pop up WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH THE CLOTHES I’M WEARIN.

It went on and on and on. I couldn’t turn the volume down and was continually pummeled. Chrissy Donahue Harmon would have been appalled. Finally, the manager asked me to leave because I was disturbing the other patrons. I left in shame with BUT IT JUST MAY BE A LUUUUNATIC YOU’RE LOOKIN’ FOR hollerin’ out my laptop bag. This is a classic dream of deep-rooted anxiety. The loss of control, the helplessness. I still don’t know why Billy is the one giving me static.


James said...

Last night it was the old standby for me. Sitting in class in College and not understanding a damn thing the Professor was saying. This is my only recurring dream. Never the same Teacher or classroom but the result always the same. Why...Whyyyyy

KJ said...

Another reason the Jacksons need a tropical vacation!

lp said...

Well Kate, some folks like to get away, take a holiday from the neighborhood. Hop a flight to Miami Beach or to Hollywood. But you're talking a Greyhound on the Hudson River Line. You're in a New York state of mind.

Minotguy said...

Relax, Kate. Vivid Billy-dreams are usually not too dangerous. BTW - Was Christie in any of them? If YES, do you happen to recall what was she wearing, if anything?

My Freudian inner voice whispered that your Billy-dreams may really signal an "uptown girl" issue.

"And when she knows what
She wants from her time
And when she wakes up
And makes up her mind"

Hmmmm, I seem to recall hearing Jamie sing:
"She's my uptown girl
You know I'm in love
With an uptown girl"

Ip had a great idea, though. Maybe you're in a NY state of mind in Boston? :-)

SB said...

Watch out in NY, KJ. I hear Billy likes to drink, drive and crash into people's homes.

"Billy likes to drink soda"

wmd said...

Believe me KJ, it could be worse. Apparently last night was a night for nightmares. This is not made up, I had one last night where Alec Baldwin was crazy and was hitting on me. Was afraid of him getting violent so calmly explained that he was fishing in the wrong pond and made like a dog on linoleum getting out of there. When I woke up I was like, what the F was that all about and then thankfully remembered I had just seen a commercial for SNL that showed his canteen boy skit with Adam Sandler where he was the boyscout leader (nuff said)... I used to think that skit was funny.

p.s. brown guy, that line will forever crack me up.

p.p.s. Miss Lippy's car is green.

KJ said...

I wonder if the dream is some kind of omen. Billy Joel IS in town this week. Maybe he's going to get wasted and lost and crash into my living room in a rented car. Then again, I'll be in NY this weekend so maybe it's an omen to all of you. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE THIS WEEKEND. BILLY'S IN TOWN. Watch your house. LP & Cameo, just another good reason to come along.

KJ said...

Minot: I am an Eastie girl. The polar opposite of Uptown. I love Tellos!

Anonymous said...


I live that dream every Monday here on Huntington Ave - only i have 25 kids wondering what the hell it is I am talking about !!

Billy D

jal said...

Mama J,
You will most certainly be safe in NYC with Billy here. Have a great time and have one for me. We'll be in the woods of Maine celebrating a long lost friends birthday.

P.S. We need to drink again soon.

Colleen said...

Wow Kate! This dream is frightening and can only be the product of one thing...New moon at 9 degrees of Aquarius. :)

I wrote my wishes down for this this spectacular lunar phase! Hopefully everyone else did, especially the fellow Aquarians in the house.

Code Red said...

Colleen.....this Aquarian may be missing out on a critical opportunity here to shape my future. I need all the help I can get. :) Fill me in. What's so special about this new moon?

Colleen said...

Code Red--July 2005-September 2007 are CRITICAL for us water bearers! BIG life changes are in the works so be prepared!

One word...Saturn! I'm sure some visitors to the PU are all too familiar with the "black planet." However, have no fear, the changes enroute are good!