09 February 2006

Random Quizzilla

1) When was the last time you swam in a pool?
Last summer, I swam in my pool twice. It took us five weeks to open it properly and then the season started to turn.

2) Describe your personality in terms of a certain vehicle and explain why.
A Mini Cooper. Because it's small, self conscious and completely impractical.

3) If you were to win a superlative award just for today, what would it be?
Most likely to finish the Dunkin' Donuts Munchkins my babysitter brought over earlier.

4)What song do you like to sing along to in your car?
"Always Love" by Nada Surf. A perfect driving tune and as satisfying as Spree candy. I crank it up and sing it loudly, even when the babies are on board. Paulie is a bit of a rocker and shakes his head from side to side whenever I do something like this. Caroline, however, frowns in disapproval, "Turn it down, mommy. And no singing, please."

5) On a scale of 1-10, how sociable are you?


SAC said...

1. Last summer. Your house. Water was cold.....til I pee'd-I mean my son pee'd in it.
2. 1971 Plymouth Duster: Unassuming yet quick and devilishly handsome.
3. Most likely to respond 1st to the RANDOM Quizzila
4. "Since You've Been Gone"-Kelly Clarkson. Shoot me if you like (I know) but my kids crack up to this everytime it is played because of the "kareoke"-esque car-dancing that goes on while it is on. Also a reason I am leaving Milton for Hingham.
5. 9, I'll talk to anybody with a pulse-sometimes I wonder if they have a pulse though...

lp said...

1) March 2005 in "Cabo" with CodeRed and DoubleDown. We were three pale babes in a ban de soleil setting. That is, until a cute Canadian Meterologist and his pal swept in to woo the aforementioned redhead and brunette beauties. Then I, Fifth Wheel, floated solo in the shallow end beneath a statue of a very under-endowed King Neptune.

2) 1987 Volkswagon Cabriolet Convertable: Small, restless and always ready for some kickin-it-old-school fun with pals.

3) Most likely to Procrastinate.

4) "Silly Love Songs" by Paul McCartney

5) I'd give myself an 8

wmd said...

1) Last time swimming: Last September at the Nantucket Inn. It was indoors and heated but my father's son still pee'd in it.

2) Personality of a vehicle: Kurt Russell's 18-Wheeler in Big Trouble in Little China. Because when I am hungry and shake 'n bake is involved, I too have been known by the name
"Pork Chop Express".

3) Today's Superlative: Now, most likely to email random Big Trouble in Little China quotes to my buddy Dunph.

4) Song sung in car: Lately it's "Suddenly" by The Bogmen. Never heard of them until LP played them a couple of weeks ago and now the cd is in my car. It's close to being overplayed.

5) How sociable?: 2, I don't have much in common with people (see answer #3)

BAGS said...

1)The Jacksons' cookout last year. Still have that chlroine smell.

2) El Camino, the mullet of cars, they remind me of 413.

3)Most likely to aggrivate Auntie before 7:00 am.

4) "Out of Control" by U2 on Boy. Good song to listen to before going to the gym.

5) Negative 5. Other than immediate family and close friends a conversation won't happen.

T-Bag said...

1) Probably Richie Newman’s house a few years ago. He’s crazy. Let’s not talk about him anymore.

2) A lime green, old school, convertible bug. Because it’s gay.

3) Most likely to be drinking in 2 hours, 4 minutes, 52 seconds. 51, 50, 49…

4) “You’re The Best” from Karate Kid. I don’t know any other songs by Joe Esposito. But if any exist, they can only be fantastic.

5) Sober: 2. Otherwise: between 7 and 12.

By the way, I noticed how a few of you were discussing Puppetry of the Penis in a former blog (probably about two months ago – I don’t get online often). Since there was an interest, I figured I’d give you the list of tricks that were performed that night. (Fortunately I had the presence of mind to write these down after the show. I’m on the ball when it comes to hog-watching.) KJ – which was your favorite?

The Parachute
The Woman
The Other Woman
The Eye
The Loch Ness Monster
The Eiffel Tower
The Atomic Mushroom
The Wind Surfer
The Baby Kangaroo
The Baby Bird
The Dinger-Doo (sp? The Aborigine horn-thing)
The Boomerang
The Hairy-backed Turtle
The Roller Skate (9.95 difficulty)
The Wristwatch
The Propeller (or whatever he called it)
The Brain
The Heart (still and beating)
The Lizard (prop required)
The Greyhound (prop required)
The Squirrel (prop required)
The Hanging Vampire Bat
The Snail
The Back of a Bulldog
The Hemorrhoid
The Hairy Tongue
The G-String
The Mollusk
The Hot Dog
Kentucky Fried Chicken (wing and breast)
The Hamburger (flagship installation)

wmd said...

T-Bag, sounds like you're on the hog when it comes to ball-watching as well...

SB said...


I love that only one d*ck-trick name was difficult enough to have it's rating noted.

KJ said...

My favorite was by far the Windsurfer. It involved a skateboard prop, as well as the "propeller" and "sail" -- use your imagination. Hilarious. I almost went into labor as they "surfed" off stage.

KJ said...

BTW, SAC: IT's official: I am now going to have to post one of those "Please don't pee in our pool, we don't swim in your toilet signs."

wmd said...

Just a heads up KJ, that only works for people in the pool not standing on the deck.

KJ said...

WMD, we'll have to get all Clintonian about the preposition "in." Does it mean don't pee "while in" the pool or does it extend to any peeing "into" the pool from the inside, the deck, the side yard (yikes, that'd take some puppetry) or otherwise. I'm going with the latter. Keep it in yer suits. The pee and where it hails from. Please. Too long for a sign, I gather.

KT said...

1) Who needs a pool when you have a lake? (Does a blow-up pool on the back porch count?)

2) Vehicle? The new Lexus Hybrid SUV in black with tinted windows. Low maintanance, high mileage, incognito, way too expensive, environmentally conscious... oh, wait a minute...

3) Most likely to fold three loads of laundry while on an international conference call. (Sorry Gunther.)

4) "Mr. Brightside". Like their buddy Paulie, Mekhi and Ellie are rockers. They love it. David just shakes his head in disappointment and continues reading his dinosaur book. "Really, mom, this can't be good for the baby."

5) Sober 3.8
Add Alcohol, definite 8.2

james said...

1) Last summer after everyone peed in the pool. Hopefully next time tomorrow in Costa Rica.
2) Mini Van. Slow, practical, and unhip.
3) Most likely to yell at Kate as she corrects my punctuation as she reads over my shoulder.
4) Tennesee Jed..."I ran into Charlie Fog, Blacked my eye and kicked my Dog". Makes me laugh and I get to take a shot at Vito.
5) Sociable 8 sober. Pretty much talk to anyone. 5 while drinking unless taking with friends.

Anonymous said...

1. Cabo San Lucas. It was lovely and did wonders for my tequila-induced hangover.

2. Saab -- a little quirky and creeky when it gets cold outside.

3. Person most likely to be the last one to answer a quizzilla.

4. "Give Me Novacaine/She's a Rebel" by Green Day. Great song to run to, too. I like the beat of the intro, and, lately, the words seem to speak for me, especially after a long and frustrating week working for the MAN.