06 September 2006

Cruise's Pee Wee Herman Apology

Tom Cruise issued a "heartfelt" apology to Brooke Shields for publicly ripping her for taking anti-depressants for post-partum depression last year. He immediately issued a statement via his publicist to say that while he is sorry for bringing Brooke into the fray, he's still adamant that vitamins and exercise are the only ethical treatments for depression. Heartfelt? It sounds more like a Pee Wee Herman apology to me. "I'm sorry. I'm NOT sorry." Maybe jumping jacks and Flintstones are cures on the planet on which he was born but it's not quite as simple for most women born on earth.

1 comment:

lpd said...

CRUISE: "S**t, we better get that apology out there before Suri's cover photo hits the newstands."

I'm convinced Suri is the spawn of an alien. Save Katie!