12 September 2006

Shower Bags 2006

Just two weeks shy of the due date and Auntie's belly hanging mighty low, we gathered together to shower the Beaudins we love with loot. We also consumed an unsettling amount of lasagna. We sent them off with a fierce pile of babyware and a solemn vow to never never tell Baby Beaudin where her/his parents got the nickname "Bags." T-minus 14 days and counting...

(photo: Caroline and Auntie tear one up as the dude from the Men's Wearhouse looks on. "You're gonna like the way you look.")

1 comment:

BAGS said...

Auntie and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to the troops for your extreme generosity, by showering us with needed baby essentials. We feel truly fortunate to have great friends that are always there for us.

Thanks once again, Auntie and Uncle Bags.