07 September 2006

Random Quizzilla

1) When was the last time you laughed out loud?
Earlier, I was interviewing a woman about Fantasy Fashion Leagues and she told me one of her teams' names was "Ricky Linderman Shot his Bro" --- a tribute to Adam Baldwin's character in the 1980 movie "My Bodyguard.

2) When was the last time you cried?
I teared up fiercely last night during a retrospective on the Crocodile Hunter. I'll miss that crazy Australian spaz.

3) What is the scariest weather situation you've ever been in?
Stranded on Nantucket "accidentally on purpose" with Jen during Hurricane Edouard in Sept 1996. We were attending a hurricane party at the Muse when we were abruptly evacuated by the fire department because they were afraid the roof was going to collapse or blow off. That was scary enough but matters only worsened when we headed back to the India House where we were staying. Upon returning -- soaking wet and a little drunk -- we were forced to socialize with the unstable innkeeper, Charles -- a wild-coiffed combo of Andy Warhol and Donald Sutherland. We had one drink with him in the candle-lit dining room (there was no electricity) but returned to our room when it became apparent Charles was a lunatic. When we left, he got angry; he called the police, saying we had stolen some bottles of wine from his wine cellar/laundry room. Thankfully, before the police could arrive, we were rescued by a couple on their honeymoon. A guy --barefoot and in his pajama bottoms -- knocked on our door: "Girls, get your bags, jump in our Jeep. Let's get the hell OUT of here." Apparently, Charles had filed a false report about them too when they tried to leave the candlelit dining room. We escaped in the middle of the night -- and the hurricane -- to the Points Breeze Inn.

4) Name something you can't stand:
The phone. I am convinced that were it not for the advent of email, I'd have no friends left.

5) Name something you're looking forward to:
Going out dancing with Ms. Ofelia Cox a.k.a Mij and the girls on the 15th.


celine said...

Okay, here goes...

1. A couple of weeks ago at our childbirth education class, the instructor told everyone to take turns "swaddling" our babies (which were freaky little dolls wearing only diapers). Keith finished his swaddling in record time and proceeded to hold his baby over his head while pumping his fist. Clearly, this wasn't a time event but he wanted the other competitors/couples to know that we had won. The instructor was not terribly amused. I was doubled over laughing.

2. I sobbed uncontrollably recently while watching an HBO documentary called "Shelter Dogs". I also hugged Patch a little tighter that night.

3. When I lived in Scituate during the early December storm of 2003, Keith, Patch and I were stranded inside our little house. We were surrounded by 4-5 feet of water around the house and what felt like hurricane force winds. The HUGE tree in our backyard came down during the storm and landed in our neighbor's yard. Keith had to talk me off the ledge and we eventually settled in with a few beers and cooked up some lasagna. I loved living in Scituate but don't miss the ocean view.

4. Fake people

5. The impending arrival of Baby Bags!!!!!

EPB said...

1. Watching my friend Paul play/dance out the song 'These are a few of my favorite things' from the Sound of Music with props he made for my friends 40th birthday party. (And I consider myself masculine?!)

2. That following morning from too many beers and Stoli O drinks.....

3. During the Perfect Storm: Jamie, Matt Del and myself decided it would be a cool thing to go down to Jamie's place in Scituate to check up on it. As we got closer and closer to the ocean the situation got worse. We had to park Matt's car a block or two away and walk. As we went around the Post office on Minot Street to look at the ocean we were met with waves that were crashing onto the street. There was slight chaos and it didn't take long for us to realize this was no ordinary storm.

4. Rude people on public transit

5. Flag Football and the Fall in general.

KT said...

1. I have three kids under the age of six. I'm always laughing. Yesterday's jem was from Mekhi. He was in the sandbox with a shovel and I came over and said, "Hey Khi, what'cha doing?". He replied, "I gigging. I gigging and gigging and gigging. (Then, very seriously.) I a berry good gigger.". Gig on, Khi.

2. Yesterday, upon recieving a heartfelt letter from a friend about her 4 year old son's Type-1 Diabetes and everything he's been through over the past year. (Support "Team Jackson" at JDRF's Walk to Cure Diabetes www.jdrf.com)

3. The Tufts Road flood of 2006 where my house was an island, my backyard was a lake (you couldn't see our 6' fence) and water was gushing into our previously-finished basement. "C'mon kids. We're staying at Nana's in case there's a gas leak and the house explodes." "But what about Daddy?" "Oh, he'll be fine."

4. Mouth noises. Slurping of soup. People eating crunchy foods. The rattling of a hard candy between someone's teeth. It makes me want to run screaming. (To this day, David swears he just has 'thin cheeks'.)

Oh yea, and religious zealots of any persuasion.

5. Starting my new job in 2 weeks. Running Chicago in October.

KT said...

Ok, I just realized that I spelled gem "jem". Sometimes my fingers have a mind of their own. Man, do I need more coffee.