06 September 2006

First Day of School

Caroline started preschool yesterday. She has a backpack. It's meant to hold extra clothing in case of accidents but inside I found a spatula, two of Paulie's Matchbox cars and a tube of my self tanner. Things learned on first day: "Favorite number: "12" Favorite color: "green" Favorite animal: "dog" What I want to be when I grow up: "writer." I loved that but I think I'll have to nudge her toward investment banking so she doesn't starve in a basement apartment. Poor Paulie felt like he got the shit end of the stick all day long. He couldn't play in the preschool's playground or hang out with Zippy the bunny when we dropped his sister off. He was woken up from his nap when we had to go pick her up. Again, he couldn't play in the playground or hang out with Zippy. "You go. I stay with Miss Piggy." He meant "Miss Vicky," the school's head teacher. We're so going to get kicked out.


ST AKA GOY said...

Sweet C will be teaching that class in no time. Don't you worry Paulie the tables will be turned when your parents let you stay out all night and your sister is locked in her bedroom because she is a girl.

Smooches to the school girl.

Auntie ST

SB said...

I can't believe Caroline is going to school. She's so funny packing a spatula, not to mention your self-tanner. Mini KJ.

lpd said...

Atta girl, Sweet C...Auntie LP also packs a spatula in her work bag. Never know when you'll be called upon to perform an emergency egg flip.

Very proud of our girl for putting on her back pack like Dora and heading off for school. *sniff* Soon she'll be borrowing her Aunties' "vintage" Senate Banquet dresses and heading off to Prom.

PS...how pissed does Paulie look in that photo? "This blows." Awesome.


Cameo said...

I can't believe how grown up Caroline looks!!! She's such a little girl now. I feel a sense of pride and nostalgia looking at her. I loved the first day of school. It always meant new clothes and a clean slate. I would toss and turn the night before envisioning myself in my new dudes. I didn't care if it was 80 degrees outside, I was wearing my new suede shoes and wool tights!

PS: I think Lily could fit into that backpack. Caroline can bring her for show and tell.