29 December 2006

Holiday Quizzilla

1. Did you receive any unexpected gifts over the Christmas holiday?
Well, my mother put crucifixes in the kids’ Christmas stockings. That was unexpected. I know she’s fearful for my children’s souls because they live in the house of heathens but she said the real reason was that she wanted to teach the kids that Christmas meant more than Santa. They’re 3 and 2. They know Linus’ soliloquy by heart, that’s good enough for me and it should be for everyone else. To keep the peace, I gently suggested that perhaps a Baby Jesus doll swaddled in some cute sheep pajamas would have been a better route than a gruesome image of the crucifixion. Besides, isn’t that Easter? Fortunately, Nana had many other lovely gifts on hand to distract them from Jesus’ painful death. Good grief.

2. Who was the easiest person on your list to buy presents for?
Vito. I slipped him some chicken jerky and a new stuffed gorilla and he was so happy he was humping throw pillows. While the kids were very specific about what they wanted, many of the toys were so aggressively marketed in the post-Diego, pre-Wonder Pets slot that they were unfindable. And then there's James. I've known him for 10 years so I'm used to his anal, often eccentric, high-maintenance preferences. In the late 90s, he handpicked and pointed out a pair of windpants he wanted. I purchased them and wrapped them up a few weeks later for his birthday. He unwrapped them, only to find upon closer inspection that they had tiny zippers in places he deemed "odd." That said, I've known what I've been up against for many years. But when he requested a new pair of jeans and some ties this Christmas, I decided to go all out. I got him a few Brioni ties and a nice pair of Citizens jeans. He loved the ties. He tried on the jeans and they looked fantastic on him. BUT!!!! While he found the modern cut of the jean "a bit girlish," the barely there swish on the back pockets was the true dealbreaker. They're being returned for a new hockey stick.

3. Your favorite holiday noshes?
JAL’s Christmas cookies. And, as BG put it, an “Eastie Feastie:" a big nosh in EB featuring beef tenderloin & shrimp, proscuitto & stuffed artichokes, tiramisu & Italian cookies, and vino vino vino.

4. Did you send Christmas cards this year?
Yes. Trying to get a photo of the kids and Vito has always been an exercise in futility. Our card this year was supposed to be this photo of the kids running on the beach in Scituate, with an inset photo of Vito sitting on our front stairs. But at the last minute, we realized that Boulos had a big ol’ smash in his pants in the first picture and Vito had a lipstick woody in the second.
Luckily, some genuis at Hallmark created the three-photo option. Thank you.

5. What are you doing New Years Eve?
Chilling. Making the South Shore rounds. Chilling some more. Then banging on some pots and pans at midnight.


lpd said...

1) I wasn't expecting my 365-day Scrabble calendar with helpful tips and word definitions, so that was pretty exciting. Also, although this wasn't a gift to me personally, I did not expect the "Balls of Fury" t-shirt that WMD received from his brother.

2) My boss. Bottle of wine...done.

3) Favorite holiday noshes were Aunt Lucy's "macaroni and gravy" and meatballs made by WMD on Christmas Eve. And, Christmas dinner of beef tenderloin and twice-baked potatoes in Hull. As Paulie would say, "Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmm...MMMMMMM!"

4) Nope, but look out for New Years cards coming sometime in the New Year.

5) Sitting on my arse by the fire in Norwell with a glass of vino. Come on by!

sb said...

1. Did you receive any unexpected gifts over the Christmas holiday?
No, not really. Although I did receive an AMEX gift check from a Sales guy at work, but we didn’t work any deals together this past year. I smell a favor coming on…

2. Who was the easiest person on your list to buy presents for?
I’d say my dad. The last time I was at their house he couldn’t stop complaining about his computer monitor and how he wanted a new flat panel. I thought that would be way out of my league until I remembered how kick-ass Best Buy is.

3. Your favorite holiday noshes?
Barb’s XMAS cookies. These are so good that she denied my sister-in-law the recipe. I think that’s taking it a little too far, but I still get a kick out of it.

4. Did you send Christmas cards this year?
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Although maybe next year Diana and I can send a group card from I Street.

5. What are you doing New Years Eve?
I have an invitation to go to Killington, but not sure if I’ll make that trip yet. I’ve been sick all week and know that if I go up there my immune system will be hiding behind my liver, shivering in fear and disgust.

lpd said...

"...my immune system will be hiding behind my liver, shivering in fear and disgust." That's excellent, SB. If Killington is a bust, come to Norwell! We would never judge you or your liver.

sb said...

Thanks, LP. I appreciate that. If I don't go up to K-Town, I'll come on down. Great opportunity to see your new digs and where the Italian Bird's nest lies.

KJ said...

SB-Priceless. The Jacksons will be schlepping their livers the 1.8 miles to Norwell. I am hoping to GOD that the Italian Bird will be donning his "Balls of Fury" t-shirt fireside.

james said...

1) Unexpected gifts. My Dad made all the kids new birdhouses. Painted the same color as the lobster Bouys (bright yellow). Must of had paint left over.
2)My brother in law because my sister bought the gift and I gave her cash. I love that type of Christmas present.
3)I also love Jim's cookies. Ever since we got some in Eastie I look forward to them.
4) Kate sent the card nice an early this year. Not nearly as much drama as years past.
5)Probably in bed by 10. Hopefully not woke up by Kate banging pans.

jal said...

1. Unexpected gifts - new iPod headphones from Mike. Really really good - better than the Bose we tested at the Mall.

2. Easiest person to buy gifts for - my Mom. She hinted read: told me what she wanted many many times: "Il Divo CD". Hey, whatever makes her happy.

3. Favorite holiday noshes - wow that's a tough one. Do drinks count? If so Holiday Mimosa's = 1 - 2 oz. pomegrante juice poured over 1 sugar cube in a champagne glass and topped off with champagne and a few pomegranate seeds. Really really good! Sideline - I really enjoy making the cookies too and a bonus this year is that since I can't stand my job or the majority of my coworkers I didn't have to makethe usual 30 dozen this year - just a couple of batches for the Jacksons, the Lemkes and Mrs. Norton. Phew.

4. Yup - due to circumstances beyond our control i.e. family health issues we sent them late but we sent them - about 140 of 'em. Mike always complains but he loves it when we get them and ultimately I think he likes it.

5. New Years Eve - we usually spend in it Ptown with some friends but this year we're not going. I agreed to this with the proviso that "We are not staying home!!!" No idea yet what we're doing but we may hang with our friends in Chelsea after hitting a little first night. We'll see - Happy Merry to All!