21 December 2006

Is Donald Trump 8?

(photo of Trump and his nipple-exposing wife pilfered from Perezhilton.com.)

"You're ugly. You're a fat loser."

I have never been a fan of Rosie O'Donnell's but this guy is a humorless tit. In case you haven't heard, The Donald went on a childish tirade yesterday in response to comments Rosie O'Donnell made on the The View. Rosie made fun of The Donald's morally superior press conference where he granted Miss USA Tara Conner a "second chance" after learning she was not a good role model for young women but an underage-drinking floozy who loves drugs.

Is it really any secret that Trump is less a moral adviser than a creepy uncle who touches? Rosie simply spoke to that point, saying “He’s the moral authority? Left the first wife, had an affair, left the second wife, had an affair, had kids both times, but he’s the moral compass for twenty year olds in America? Donald, sit and spin, my friend.” She also said she expected him to sue her but added “he’ll probably be bankrupt by that time so I won’t have to worry.”

Rosie is annoying and obnoxious. That's her thing. The point here is she was factually correct in her statement and Trump's massive ego can't handle it. Not to mention -- in his world -- women are supposed to be silent, submissive and anorexic. Lesbos are no exception.

Infuriated, Trump ranted to People Mag and Access Hollywood, mostly attacking Rosie's physical characteristics, calling her fat and unattractive. Then he inexplicably added: “She ought to be careful because I’ll send one of my friends to pick up her girlfriend and I think it would be very easy.” This idiot has grown so accustomed to dumb & easy gold digging whores that he thinks he can actually make someone change teams.

As expected the litigious-happy Trump said he's going to sue Rosie. However, it will not be over the remarks about him cheating on his families. Those didn't seem to bother him at all. The comment about bankruptcy, however, really frosted his single-process combover. "She'll say anything that comes to her unattractive mouth. I have never been bankrupt." said Trump. However, according to Wikipedia, he has indeed.

We all know that Trump is a well-versed publicity slut who is likely pouncing on this to promote his tired show that is starting up again in January. Either way, he comes off looking like the "fat loser" in this one. Ratings for The View will likely soar in the wake of the controversy; The Apprentice has sucked for years.


jal said...

Ms. Jackson, you are indeed correct in that The Apprentice has sucked for years. I'm sure that the LA edition will be no exception. My father and I spent a lot of time in the ICU waiting room last week watching daytime television which included, of course,The View. My Dad, who at 68 is addicted to the Young and the Restless, commented after several minutes of viewing The View, "They get paid for this? Just sitting around and talking? Who would watch that?" Someone must because it's on but I gotta say I agree Dad, I agree.

KJ said...

JAL. I hope your mom is doing well.

I've never actually seen The View but it looks as unwatchable as The Apprentice. Shield Beverly and Harolds eyes!

sb said...

Donald Trump sucks ass.

KJ said...

Yup, SB! Trump sucks ass and probably pays to have his own sucked. He is heartless & soulless and (since we're in the sandbox) I bet he has syrupy skid marks in his gilded tightie whities.


wmd said...

Trump sucks arse and is a clown. Where Rosie's "thing" is being annoying and obnoxious (and let's not forget her XXL ego too) his thing is an undeserved iodine-starved goiter sized ego. There is no denying this.

That being said, he sucks less assss than Rosie O'Bacon. I'm not defending him, I'm merely saying that if one of them were to get hit in the face with a can of paint on a rope a la Home Alone, I'm hoping it's the ugly fathead with the bad haircut... well the ugly fathead with a bad haircut that doesn't take a helicopter to work.

KJ said...

WMD-I can't believe I forgot about your Rosie-aversion -- esp since you waxed so eloquently about it in a guest blog last year, wishing someone would hurl a large meatball sub at her face.

Personally, I'd pay top dollar to see either of them get hit in the face with a meatball sub or a can of paint on a rope (awesome). Someone needs to set that up.

Alex said...

"Utah, get me two!"

KJ said...

Excellent, Alex. What a fine idea!We'll can get Gary Busey to hurl the first ceremonial meatball subs at Trump's and Rosie's bloated mugs. Then, it will open to the general public. Sign me up.

lpd said...

I'm just shocked that WMD would waste a perfectly good meatball sub to throw at anyone, even Rosie or Trump. The boy likes his subs.

Can somebody from the Downey & Brownie Show camp post a photo of Lily's impersonation of Trump's haircut??? I've only heard about it but it is the funniest thing I can imagine.