19 December 2006

The Notorious P.U.G

(photo: Max reportedly peed on the conductor upon his rescue last week. )

Last Friday, after pulling out of Walpole station, MBTA commuter rail engineer Kym Berry saw a small dog leap in front of her train and start sprinting down the tracks. Berry blew the horn and slammed on the emergency brake but the dog continued on. "He never stopped running," she said. "We just went right over him." The dog, a wayward pug named Max, emerged unscathed from beneath the train moments later. Thankfully he was only 8 inches high. Read Max's story here.

I'm so happy that Max is OK. I'm also relieved to know that his notorious behavior may be a hallmark of the breed. In other words, it's not just Vito who is mentally-challenged and ill-mannered, it is all pugs. Whenever someone pulls into our driveway, Vito charges at -- not away from -- the vehicle. It's almost like he's trying to get underneath it. Our UPS guy almost had a heartattack a few months ago and had a similar comment to that of the commuter rail engineer: "He never stopped running at me. I've never seen anything like that." Our pizza delivery person wondered aloud if Vito had suicidal tendencies. "Nah. He's just not that bright," we told him. Still, at least once a week, I have to dart out the front door -- almost always in my bare feet -- and wave my arms like a lunatic to alert unexpected visitors (or James) that Vito is in the yard. He's hard to see if you're not looking for him. He comes out of nowhere. So, please take heed.

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