04 January 2007

Apocalypse Cocktail Lounge: Know Your Anti-Christ Candidates

Good news: Part-time Governor and Mormon Gay Basher Mitt Romney left Massachusetts for good today. Bad news: We'll likely see his formaldehyde-drenched mug more in the next two years than we have in the past four as he makes a run for the White House. On the campaign trail, he'll be trashing Massachusetts and the people who elected him. He'll also be spreading his freshly crafted messages of bigotry and hatred like the opportunistic robot he is. But I must admit, he is undoubtedly the strongest candidate. For the Anti-Christ.


While The Hoff came out strong early on, he will certainly wither beneath the soulless, blind ambition of The Rom (a fitting nickname).

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Anonymous said...

That asshole has got my vote.