12 January 2007

Vito's Secret Admirer

(Someone is quite smitten with this little meatball)

For the past two days now, Milkbones have magically appeared on the front stairs. I assume they were left for Vito. He ate the first one yesterday and didn't keel over so it's not someone who harbors ill will toward the pug, but someone who is fond of him. I confiscated the second one this morning as Vito's vet-ordered diet prohibits biscuits -- only baby carrots are allowed in moderation. The strange thing is I was home all day both days and didn't hear or see a thing. I'm usually pretty vigilant about people approaching the house so it's as creepy as it is cute. Needless to stay, I'll be doing some heavy surveillance this weekend to try to catch this mysterious pug lover in the act.


Code Red said...
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Code Red said...

KJ, after you catch Vito's secret admirer maybe you can help me figure out who the heck sent me a Christmas card from Baron. He's a smart boy, but I don't think he's trained well enough to pick up a card at CVS, address and post the envelope and drop it in the mail. It's one of those "Shoebox Greeting Cards" from a dog to its owner and someone addressed it to me and signed "Baron" with an illustrated paw print next to his name. I've asked family members if they're responsible and they deny it. It's been a few weeks now and no one has owned up to it. A little weird, huh?

KJ said...

Red: That is fantastic. A little unsettling, but fantastic. I did NOT send it, but I wish I had.