25 January 2007

Random Quizzilla

1. When was the last time you fell down in public?
I fell down the escalator at the Post Office Square Garage on Monday. Not all the way down -- I just slipped on the last few steps and my laptop bag and one of my shoes arrived several steps behind me. Luckily the only witness to this spectacle was the Indian parking cashier. What hurt even more was paying $36 to park for two and a half hours.

2. What does your car say about you?
If my car could talk, it'd probably talk shit about me all the time in the Stop & Shop parking lot. A Volvo should be driven by a stable, sensible earth mother with calm children and a well-behaved rescue dog. Instead its occupants include a crazy mama who plays music too loudly and is either singing with or screaming at her kids; toddlers who think it’s hilarious to pee in their car seats; and a pug with an anxiety disorder who fogs up the windows. My car has also become a moving receptacle for empty diet coke cans, homeless cds, bank receipts and take-out bags from Dunkin’ Donuts -- among other things. My daughter is notorious for removing random household items from the house and throwing them into the backseat of my car. This week's items: An oven mitt and a stapler.

3. Which celebrity will be forced into rehab next? My bets are on either Paula Abdul or Britney Spears. It'd be refreshing to see a celeb enter rehab for good old-fashioned drug or alcohol abuse again. I still don't understand what rehab has to do with being a bigot racist , a whore, or a homophobe. There is not, to my knowledge, a 12-step program for Assholism.

4. When was the last time you cooked something different or tried a new kind of food?
I do this every day of the week. I find a new recipe on the Internets and then head to Assinippi for the ingredients. Then, I banish my family from the kitchen so I can make dinner and have a glass of wine while watching Hardball and listening to a kitchen-dancing playlist. It's becoming ritualistic. I don't repeat recipes too much but every so often one comes along that makes it into the permanent repetoire A few weeks ago, I made some Spanish garbanzo beans after finding a recipe online that was similar to the ones we love at Toro. YUM. They're here to stay.

5. What are you focused on right now?
As my old colleague BB Smooth J. used to say every day at 10 a.m: "I'm focused on lunch."


BAGS said...

1)I last fell down @ Mike D's (Harpoonfest) bachelor party.
2)My car says, I don't think much about cars. Rusted out Ford Explorer used for dump runs.
3)Next celebrity rehab - the ousted Wiggle. That guy was racist whore.
4)Every morning. Breakfast is a adventure.
5)I'm focused on Sox tickets being released on Saturday morning.

jal said...

1. I think I last fell down at the Hong Kong. Note: not my choice to be there. Very scary.
2. My car says "This commuting crap sucks. Why can't he take the T like he used to! It's freaking 19 miles door to door - how does that take over an hour?? Each way!!! I could be parked next to that sexy navy blue Camry next door right now!"
3. God I hope it's Paula Abdul - she has something major going on.
4. Due to Number 5 (below) it's been a while since I experimented with any recipes. Sticking with take out and a couple of old standbys right now.
5. A New Job!

sb said...

1. When was the last time you fell down in public?
The last time I fell in public was at Tom’s bachelor party while we were at the Bell. A Bell in Hand employee took me down the back stairs where I had trouble working those stairs. I’ll leave out why I was being led down the stairs.

2. What does your car say about you?
Practical, I guess? That sounds so lame…

3. Which celebrity will be forced into rehab next?
Jonathan Lipnicki (did you know that the human head weighs 8 pounds?!)

4. When was the last time you cooked something different or tried a new kind of food?
I can’t even tell you the last time I cooked something different. So the last new “food” I tried was Kellogg’s Special K with chocolate. Why would I think a cereal that boasts low calories AND has chocolate would taste good?

5. What are you focused on right now?
I just purchased the latest version of the 30GB iPod… so I’m re-focusing my efforts on loading all of my CDs on to my computer. This of course will be done tomorrow while I frantically try to purchase Sox tix, before Bags buys them all.

lpd said...

1. Not really "in public" but I fell down in front of WMD's old roommate, Mike, on NYE 2005. I walked in, said, "Happy New Year," hit a patch of melted snow in the kitchen, did two full helicopter spins while trying to regain my balance...and then crashed down on m' bum. Proud to say that I saved the bottle of champagne and box of truffles I was carrying.

2. My car says that its time for its owner to buy a new car.

3. Celeb rehab is on the horizon for Paula, fo' sho'.

4. Love to prepare & try new foods all the time.

5. Right now, I am focused on quittin' time...5:00 pm...TGIF

LANCE said...


Alex said...

first time/long time for Quizzilla (maybe 4)

1. I fall down Tina and Bones's stairs everytime I'm back in C-town, there's now a 'no sock' rule

2. "Seriously, who's better looking him or me?"

3. Alec Baldwin --he's had too much too fast. He'll be be curled up on some make shift Shakedown anyday now

4. I just roasted a chicken and cut up whatever that is that comes in a bag and shoved down the neck

5. Car-seats, strollers, snap-n-goes, universals?, wines under $10

Pam said...

1. Fell on the boardwalk in Myrtle Beach and had a total stranger help me up as my loving husband just looked on...mortified

2. My car is thinking, please clean the windows so we can see.

3. Next celebrity in rehab will be Donald Trump for calling Rosie a fat slob. They have rehab for being an asshole now.

4. I like to read about new recipes, but don't try them too often.

5. Focused on leaving work early to go to an awards ceremony at my daughters school.