29 January 2007

Weekend at Brownguy's

(Nice digs, Brownguy!)

It was a lazy Sunday chock full of Griswaldian fun. We took the family on tour, first to Eastie for a family feastie, then to the cellar of our EB house to dig out my old crates of mix tapes. Afterwards, we swung by Southie to take in the Downey & Brownie show and wrecked the place in record time. BG really fixed up #2 beautifully, painting the apt in warm earth tones, highlighting it with his trademarked spotlessness. Enter the Griswalds: Spilled wine, shattered ceramic coaster, a groove in the coffee table quite possibly left by a Matchbox car, and some diaper meatballs. Even so, BG laughed it off as we enjoyed some Snyders of Hanover honey mustard pretzel nugs. We were so proud that Sweet C rested her Little Mermaid sippy cup on a coaster. But once we acknowledged her good manners, she abruptly removed it. Some scenes...

BG entertains the kids with an electronic Whoopee Cushion (a b-day present from Cameo. It has a remote. Fantastic). They loved it so much, they absconded with it and spent some time jumping on the bed, setting it off, and cracking up. "Can we take the fart machine home?" was the final request of two exhausted Jacksons.

Grooving up the leather.

Another classic facial expression

"I am not freaking Paris Hilton." Lily is mortified by Vito's belated Christmas gift to her: A preppy inspired tee with "Socialite" scribbled across it.

"Now THIS is a good dog," says Jimmy.


sb said...

Thanks again for coming by, Jacksons. It was great to enjoy your company and you are welcome anytime! Just give me a 20 min warning so I can stock the fridge with choc milk, apple juice, Cavit Pinot, and secure fresh batteries for the electronic whoopie cushion. This is an open invitation to anyone!

KJ said...

Thanks for an afternoon well spent, BG. We'll be back. Next time with a roll of bubble wrap!