10 January 2007

Worst Undressed

It is common knowledge that money cannot buy class but Paris Hilton and Britney Spears are living proof that it cannot buy style either. These fashion-challenged morons tied for first place on Mr. Blackwell's 47th annual list of "Worst Dressed" celebrities. But they probably shouldn't appear on this list at all. These dumb bitches were barely clad throughout most of 2006. Britney was routinely seen hanging out in nightclubs with no pants on. WTF? And let us not forget the ratty hair extensions and shameless, repeated flashings of poon (they don't wear underwear either). At least their rank sends a message to any wannabes that "clothing-optional" is a poor fashion choice. Keep your pants on, ladies!


sb said...

I hate Paris Hilton. And while Britney was quite smokin in those "snake around the neck" days, she's turned into a skank. I really hope she gets her act together.

Where are these skiv-less pictures by the way?

KJ said...

SB: The uncensored skiv-less pix are all over the Internets. Just don't click on them at work...remember what fictionally happened to Cameo.

sb said...

Silly me. I should know better. Thanks KJ.