04 February 2008

Blame the Hoodie

Honestly. Was this really the night to shake up the wardrobe?


bg said...

Damn your TV looks good.

C.R. said...

The second I saw the hoodie, or should i say noticed the smelley gray one was missing, i knew the game was jinxed. Gisele didn't help either!!! C.R.

MLXC said...

Seriously. WTF happened last night?

I am still stunned.

bg said...

Day 2 - I am still in utter disbelief. I think this is the first time we've been in a situation where a local sports team was picked to win by a landslide, and didn't. Did this ever happen to the Celtics of the 80's? They weren't that favored over the Lakers in '87, were they? Ugh.

KJ said...

They were calling Plaxico Burress (sp?) the Aaron Boone of 2008.

Bright side: Victory parade would've been today in this gloomy, rainy weather. A fitting tribute, however, to the mood of the day.

Bean Down Under said...

The fans down under in Australia are in shock too. Worse is that the pub I watched it at was full of NYG fans. And it was at 9:00 AM on a Monday... that was different.

KJ said...

Oh, man. 9 a.m. on a Monday? Even full of Pats fans that sounds like a wee bit of a nightmare. Do they have Dunkin Donuts in the bush?

SAC said...

The day after the Champ Series, my boss asked me what I thought. My response: I fear the Giants because nobody is giving them a snowballs chance in hell, like they did to us (All Pats fans speak in the first person) in 2002 when we faced the Rams.

Good game. Questioned some Offesive Play Calling and the lack of a front line but otherwise a good game.

Bill and I are meeting at the Scarlet Oak on Friday to further discuss next years 19-0 run.

"If at first you don't succeed, try again..."

And they will.

Bill probably blew the game because he knew it would go down with an * next to it. Next year he will KILL all who get in his way!

Go PATS!!!!