30 January 2006

Taylor Time

We've been trying to get together with the Taylors since August and lo and behold, the stars finally aligned on Saturday. Whenever we try to hang out with our friends, Jimmy and I are often forced to reschedule or go dark because we either can't find a babysitter or are too brain dead to make a coherent plan. But when it comes to the Taylors, I can always say it's not us, it's them. For instance, on any given day, KT could either be meeting with the CEO of a German oil company or making idle chit chat with the Disney Princesses in Orlando. And even when they're home, they're not home but in Maine hanging with the cherubs and the loons. But this is why a dinner out with the Taylors is never just a dinner but an event. And Saturday night was one such event.

We met for dinner at Sibling Rivalry . I'd been there for drinks and apps with the birds but never had a full-on dinner. The restaurant is owned by brothers and chefs Bob and Dave Kinead who became renowned for their 21 Federal venture on Nantucket. At Sibling Rivalry, their menu offers dualing versions of seasonal fare. Get it? I had Chef Bob's Tuna. Yum. The motif at the restaurant and on their Web site is hilarious: two roosters facing each other appear to be squaring off for a cock fight. There have to be about a million inside jokes lurking within the decor and marketing materials. Or maybe my mind is in the gutter again.

After dinner, we shuffled over to 28 Degrees for a "nightcap" which was fun, albeit a bit fuzzy through the blur of Grey Goose martinis.

(photo: MUIs - Mamas under the Influence)

**Special thanks to Auntie Paige.


KT said...

Dinner was fabuloso! Or as they say here in Germany... ausgezeichnet! So great to see you guys. Sorry it took forever for us to get off our arses and commune. Next time, it's martinis in Maine baby! (Once my head stops hurting.)

P.S. MY special thanks to Auntie Paige too!!

james said...

The picture on the bottom pretty much summarizes the evening as Kate and KT were in a constant embrace and DT and I were trying to figure how we would get our drunk wives out of there.

lp said...

I do miss the days of random Taylor sightings when I lived in Winchester. Look! There's Dave driving a van with a bulldog chillin' in the passenger seat. Look! There's KT in Starbucks looking fabulous and talking to Little D about the molecular structure of plastic dinosaurs. Those were good times. Perhaps I can convince y'all to meet up at Catch some night. GREAT restaurant.

KT said...

LP!! Would LOVE to catch up with you and the wmd at Catch. Ring the digits baby. Wooof!