26 June 2007

Random Quizzilla

1) What are your favorite snack foods?
Edamame with tons of sea salt * LPD’s guacamole * wasabi peas * salt & vinegar chips * Syrian bread w/ artichoke hummus. Holy water retention. Pass the water pills.

2) Do you consider yourself tall or short?
I don’t like the adj. "short." I’m petite, unstatuesque, vertically-challenged: 5’3” With heels: 5’5”- 5’6”

3) When was the last time you bought a new pillow?
Not your finest work, quizzilla. I got my memory-foam pillow sometime last year and was mocked for it. Now, it’s consistently stolen from me by either James or Carrie (get thee to Target) It’s the best pillow I’ve ever had -- when I have it. A ringing endorsement from an insomniac.

4) While at work, have you ever: a) fallen asleep b) been drunk c) kissed someone?

This is more like it.

a) Yes. Two words: Napping Closet. Every workplace should have one, and some today do. Ours, in the 90s, however, was totally clandestine, known to only a select few employees, most of whom were in their early 20s (i.e, tired or hungover from going out every night.) My co-worker Rob had the sole key to a huge walk-in closet in the media production area on the fifth floor. He set up a pillow, blanket, a CD player and some CDs, and voila, the napping closet was born. This is how it worked: You’d announce you were making a Dunkin’ run, then retreat to the closet for a power nap with your pager (aka alarm clock. This was pre-cell phones). I used to go in there, put on the Unforgettable Fire CD and just linger in that hazy realm between asleep and awake for about 20 minutes. Then, someone would beep me and I'd return to my cube, rejuvenated, sometimes with pillow lines on my face.

b) Yes, a few times. Once, during the end of an ultra-stressful week, Code Red and I dumped some vodka into our afternoon iced coffees. A wiffle ball game subsequently broke out in the Greater Tri-Cube area. Another time, a few co-workers and I took a curiosity field trip to Moon Villa for lunch to see what the place looked like in the sober daylight. (Unimaginably worse) After a few kettles of cold tea, we returned to work, boarding the elevators singing “Moon Villa” to the tune of “Moon River.” There was a whole song that went along with it, but I can’t remember it anymore. One day, I met James for lunch at Fajita and Rita’s and we, in a devil-may-care moment, decided to split a pitcher of margaritas. We both had semi-real jobs at the time so the result was not good. I almost didn’t go back to the office but had a mandatory meeting. I sat there red-faced and paranoid, reeking of tequila, trying not to speak. I wasn't fooling anyone.

c) No. Thank God.

5) Any patriotic plans for the upcoming pre-4th of July weekend?
Aside from dressing Paulie in his flag pants, nothing patriotic is really going down. Meeting old work friends from the Greater Tri-Cube area for dinner in the city, annual Sox outing with the Sepecks, fleeing town on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I am filing an official protest to the Sepeck's attendance at the Sox game. Have they ever won a game Dayna has gone to?

KJ said...

Hello anonymous aka BILLY SEPECK. :)

It's all going to turn around this Sat.

Have they lost every single one? Maybe it was her foam finger. No more foam fingers.

Looking forward to seeing you guys.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, it's not Billy, although I'm sure I speak for him. Just friends of the Sepecks who are well aware of her powers of the jinx. She was bragging to my husband and I that she would be attending the game to which we both groaned and begged her not to. I love your blog! It keeps me entertained at work.

sb said...

1) What are your favorite snack foods? Oddly enough, I don’t snack too much at all. I’ll enjoy a tablespoon of peanut butter every now and then if I’m hungry and need a quick pick me up.
2) Do you consider yourself tall or short? Short. Not so short I’m screwed short, but just short.
3) When was the last time you bought a new pillow? When I moved out of Woburn to Quincy I threw 2 pillows away and bought 2 more of course. Those Wootown pillows had some serious miles on them. CSI would be drooling over those.
4) While at work, have you ever: a) fallen asleep b) been drunk c) kissed someone? This is a loaded question. Unfortunately, not for me.
a) Yes. As a temp I used to sit in a bathroom stall (with pants up still) and lean on my hands with my elbows on my thighs. It would really help. A couple of times here I’ve gone to my car in the garage and put the seat back. Car doors slamming and their keyless-lock beeps would keep me in check – no alarm needed.
b) When I was the bar mgr at JC Hillarys I had to work one July 4th on a random weekday. T-Bag was actually working too, along with other waitstaff friends. The whole restaurant was dead. We were all very bitter to be there, so I kept serving up shots of Kamikazes and Grape Crush to everyone as they came by the service bar.
c) During work hours - yes. Inside of work - no.
5) Any patriotic plans for the upcoming pre-4th of July weekend? Nothing patriotic whatsoever. But I did just score 4 tix to the Sox game Sat night! Look for me dead center in the bleachers KJ, row 4 next to the CF camera guy. I might have to get one of those “I’m with Stupid” shirts so as to be easily detectable if a HR comes my way.

KJ said...

LOL. Thanks!

So the jinx is common knowledge, in Boston and DC, then? Poor Dayna. I'm really pulling for her this weekend. Poor dear gets an earfull every time.

KJ said...

BG-We're going on Sat. too. Let's meet up pre-game. I think we're sitting in the Loge behind the Sox dugout. Wear your t-shirt that simply says "Crap" and I'll spot you a mile away.

sb said...

Cool - nice seats KJ. Jimmy knows how to land those good ones. Now let's just hope this Dayna chick doesn't jinx the weather too.

KJ said...

I'm telling you..Dayna's going to turn it all around this Sat. Just watch.

Also, you -- the so-called "non-snacker" -- got me hooked on those honey mustard pretzel nuggets we had at your house a few months ago. I think I've gained 5lbs in pure pretzels since then.

jal said...

1. Crunchy things - tortilla chips (with or without guac) and crunchy cheetos, doritos (any flavor depending on my mood).

2. Average. 5'8" sans heels.

3. Earlier this year. Filene's basement feather stuffed bargain!

4. a. yes, drifted off in the office and a meeting or two. Done the head bob too.

b. yes although not at my new job. At a previous job, got off the T, walked a few steps, threw up, went to work felt much better although I think I reeked of alcohol all day. Closed my door and laid down for a bit too. One other time I fondly termed the gin and tonic incident I made it to work and my boss asked how the gin was. In her benevolence she let me sleep on my desk all day until I could hold down some vanilla ice cream around 6pm. We still talk about it to this day. Thankfully she knew the value of a good time and the pain of overindulgence.

c. nope. Not in the office anyway. Never date a coworker, ever!

5. The 4th is my Dad's birthday so it's always all about him. The whole family is coming over for a bar-b-que and maybe a harbor cruise or something. Who hoooo.

sb said...

KJ - I'm just razzing Dayna since it seemed like the 'in' thing to do. Let's hope she makes a valiant comeback.

I'm sorry to get you hooked, but those things are pretty good. I only got them b/c I was having guests. Otherwise you and the kids would be having spoonfuls of peanut butter with me.

(unrelated -- for the 1st time the word verification on this almost resembled a word - givnzdud)

Auntie said...

1. Just love Sun Chips, veggies & dip and good ol' fashioned chips & onion dip. I'm a big fan of dipping in general.

2. I'm short, there's no sugar coating it. I'm 5 feet tall on a good day. Keith might argue that point but I've been measured as 60 inches at the doctor's office so that's what I'm going with. My sister is 4' 10" so I tower over her, feels nice.

3. Keith bought some new pillows recently as he was frustrated with the lame pillow situation at home. Exciting times in our house.

4. If national conferences count, I have gotten drunk and certainly almost nodded off in "General Session" a few mornings.

5. Heading out to a "413" wedding in Lenox, MA. This will be a big overnight outing for us which is unheard of these days so looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

aka Dayna's friend..by the way
growing up in "413", I truly appreciated your shout out to the Ding Dong Cart (up until that moment I had only received horrified stares...little did I know that was strictly a Western MA title) and my brother and his wife truly appreciated the Westfield State tribute to Kelleher's. They had repressed the Kool Aid shots memories.

james said...

1) Snack food. Potato chips. Very specific about the brands.I've left good sub shops pissed because of yellow lays.
2)Tall and skinny and weak. I will arm wrestle Tbag for the weak guy award.
3)I never bought a pillow.
4)A) Never fell asleep B)Definately been drunk c)Kissed someone - Yes, Kate! in her office - she lies.
5)Plan on belting out God Bless America with Billy Boy and Dana.They still do that at the sox? Its been awhile.

KJ said...

James -- That was in the office but "off the clock" and not during work hours. Totally different thing.

KJ said...

Oh, wait a minute...

Never mind! You're right.

lpd said...

1) Favorite snack foods: Hummus & cukes; guac & chips (thanks for the props, KJ!); manchego & pepper jelly; Cheezits and a diet Coke. Mmmmmmmm...

2) Since Auntie, KJ, KW, Goy and I were dubbed "Mighty Midgets" by several bouncers at Kellehers, I'd have to say I'm considered "short", although I prefer "petite"

3) WMD bought me a few new pillows in various sizes during my second trimester when The Belly started taking over our lives and our bed.

4) (a) Nope, I've never fallen asleep at work. However I would like to point out that KJ once encouraged me to go on a date [unsuccessful] with a guy she knew who was later fired for falling asleep under his desk, a la George Costanza. (b) Slightly buzzed, but not full-on drunk. In my mid-20's, I worked for an ad agency that hosted random parties in the lobby several times a year. Everybody would stop what they were doing and head to the lobby for cocktails and pricey snacks, then scurry back to our desks to make sure we got the client work out the door by the time the FedEx man arrived. (c) Never smooched at work.

5) Putting on my giant red maternity sundress and heading to Hull to watch the fireworks from my Aunt & Uncle's fabulous seaside porch. A far cry from last year, when Cameo, Dr. Eama, T-Bag, CodeRed and I belted out "Your a Grand Ol' Flag" from the deck of Smugglers Luck on Nantucket. *sigh*

KJ said...

LPD-I'm still sorry about BJ. Fun guy to hang out with, but clearly a sub-par choice for a date/boyfriend. Clearly.

Didn't he ask you if you wanted to get baked before you went out too?

Oh, dear.

Bean Down Under said...

1. reduced fat Pringles, combo's, and kissables
2. Neither tall or short. 5'10" right in the middle for a guy
3. I bought a memory foam and down pillow thinking it would be the best of both worlds.... the marketing on the package was better than the pillow itself. Nothing beats a good pillow.
4. a)no, but have been brain dead and should have slept
b) does 'still drunk from the night before' count? Yes. Then I have been. Several times.
c) no, but that sure would get some gossip going
5. No concrete plans for the week due to my pending relocation. Hopefully getting down to PTown for at least a day

Hey KJ, James and Sepecks. Call me on Saturday. I will meet up with you pre-game for some drinks.

lpd said...

KJ - Still laughing about that night. In addition, he was an hour and a half late. Apparently, he got lost and stopped for directions at a local dive bar...but ended up befriending the Brighton locals and stayed to play darts and drink Guinness. He then called me from a pay phone (pre-cell phone days) and invited me to join him and some Townies for beers and darts. I declined. We ended up going to the movies (after he suggested getting baked...I drove) and throughout the movie, he talked about your cleavage several times. He called about a week later at around 3:00 in the morning, and I politely told him I didn't think it was a good idea if we went out again. Awesome.