29 June 2007

Say it: Machu Picchu

Cameo leaves this weekend for her humanitarian stint in the mountainous ridges of Peru, where she will be volunteering at an orphanage in Machu Picchu for a couple of weeks.

Cam Diaz recently got into a world of shit here in this ancient Incan city for carrying a handbag scribbled with some offensive Chinese slogan. Diaz probably thought the bag said something Confucius-y, but it actually said “Serve the People” a Maoist slogan. This ringing endorsement of Communist China and Mao Zedong didn’t go over so well in Peru, where a Maoist insurgency in the 80s and early 90s resulted in 70,000 brutal deaths.

Luckily, Cameo is unlikely to get into trouble for her fashion choices as her trip is not one of recreation and photo ops but altruism, long pants and closed-toe shoes. This is sure to be a life-altering, as well as fulfilling adventure for her. My only worry is the locals will confuse Cameo for Sandra Bullock and she’ll end up getting all the credit. Back off, Sandy.

Wish her well today.


lpd said...

Cameo, you inspire me. Enjoy the adventure and be sure to write all about it for us. Be safe!

lpd said...

Update from Cameo:

Cameo arrived in Lima on Sunday, "safe and sound," where she met the the volunteers team over a breakfast of "huevos con queso" and Nescafe instant coffee. According to Di, "everyone is lovely and the hotel is clean," but the weather is a cold and damp 50 degrees.

lpd said...

A Fourth of July update from Cameo:

After more Nescafe and bananas, Cameo set out for a tour of Lima today to see the areas where the children are from, a great opportunity to better understand the culture. She says the people of Peru are awesome... very loving and kind. The hostel where she is staying is throwing a party this evening for their American guests to celebrate our Independence Day.

She sends her love to all.

KJ said...

We miss you, Cameo.