01 June 2007


UPDATE: Alex won! With one eye closed -- literally. Click here to see his post-fight interview.

Also: Check out this write-up on Alex from Saturday's Las Vegas Sun.

Who is this swarthy-lookin' kid?

It's none other than Alex “The Assassin” Karalexis, brother of my sister-in-common-law Maria, a.k.a P’s girlfriend of 9.5 years.

As many of you know, he was on the first season of the Ultimate Fighter reality show a couple of years ago. Although he didn’t make it to the finals, he was involved in what was clearly the most humorous episode of the series -- the one where dim-witted Diego Sanchez, in a pathetic attempt at pre-fight theatre and trash talk, got in Alex’s face and said: “I’m sick of your potty mouth.” Alex burst out laughing. It was a ridiculous display.

Unfortunately, he ended up losing to that idiot but has remained in Vegas and in the industry these past few years. He is currently undefeated in the World Extreme Cagefighting Lightweight division and his next fight is this Sunday at the Hard Rock in Vegas. He’ll be fighting Josh Smith, “one of the tallest (6’0”), most promising lightweights in mixed martial arts today," according to the WEC web site. “And for that, Karalexis plans to use his heavy hands as a promise to knock him out quickly as he continues his climb to the WEC Lightweight Championship.”

A win for Alex could mean a UFC fight later this summer – and more important, an excuse for us to take that Vegas field trip we’ve been putting off.

Oh boy. As usual, I’ll be watching through my pointy fingers – these fights are difficult to watch!

9 p.m., Sunday, June 3 on VERSUS
(Channel 62 on Comcast Digital Cable, 608 on DirectTV and 151 on Dish Network)


Anonymous said...

The pride of Whitman-Hanson. Go Panthers!

EPB said...

Good fight last night and a solid win for 'The Assasin'. Man that eye has to be hurting him this morning!

SB said...

That Josh Smith wasn't all that and a bag of chips. He spent quite a bit of time on his back, receiving continuous pummels to his head.


james said...

Alex looked like a drunk homeless man during the post fight interview. Pretty entertaining fight.

KJ said...

I think the whole sport is very homoerotic. Is it just me?

Thrilled for Alex, though, and hope to see him in action later this summer.