25 June 2007

Showering in the Sun

After screwing us over all month, Mother Nature made it up to us, delivering the perfect sunny Sunday to enjoy a panini-and-champagne brunch and shower LPD and her forthcoming baby burd with baby loot. Here, we engaged in our typical inappropriate shower chats, like swapping anecdotes of accidentally walking in on someone naked (everyone has one).

Pass the mini quiches!

Some shots...

(The trifecta)

Andree, Cam, and The Dream showering in the sun with SPF 50.

For the record, after this pic was taken, Nic (aka "Irish Wisdom") did not shriek "Big face! Big face!" and chase me around until I deleted it.

"It's wahm!"

Princessica needs some shade.

Cameo forsakes her Peruvian guidebooks for a more high-minded read.


lpd said...

Thank you, lovely friends, for showering Baby D with generous gender-neutral gifts (no clowns!)and well wishes. As always, I am touched by your generosity. And, I fully appreciate the fact that you all gave up a blissfully sunny summer Sunday to be there with us.

EPB said...

Congrats to LPD and family. Side note, one of my co-workers happened to see me looking at the blog and commented on how goodlooking everyone was. I agreed! You girls all look great.

jal said...

I have to agree with EPB, gorgeous sun-kissed burds!!! Stunning!