06 February 2008


(Buon Compleanno!)

I started calling Ernie Bean "Ernesto Beanini" after Roberto Beanini's character in the movie "Life is Beautiful." He wasn't as much of a spaz as Roberto's character but his love of life and fervent belief in the beauty of it was just as palpable.

Many years have passed since the days we'd go to the movies at Kendall in groups of 10 and then shoot pool at Flat Top Johnny's. But things are even better now than then: Ernie turns 40 this Saturday. Right now, he's living in Australia (alas, no dancing at Paradise Cafe this year), but the key word is living, living, living. And living well and healthy. Sometimes we forget just how significant this is. I can’t tell his story as well as he can. That said, raise a toast to Ernesto Beanini this week, but most important, visit Bean Down Under, read his story, and blow up his comment box with birthday wishes.


lpd said...

Happy 40th, Mr. Bean! We miss you terribly and are thrilled that you are welcoming your 40's in excellent health and wonderful spirits! I'll be sure to raise a toast to you on Saturday, my friend! xoxo

Katie O. said...

Happy Birthday Ernie!

I have a great memory of you and I standing in the big circle one Labor Day, singing God Bless America at the end of the night.

Another is when you let me drive into Boston with you so I could attend James' b-day party.

Thanks for always treating me like one of the "big kids".

--sending a Birthday Hug to you!!

ILL'IN P. said...



Probably the best song/video ever. Straight outta RIVERBOTTOM y'all.
Another tasty treat from the fine folks at Paul's Boutique.


Bean Down Under said...

Thanks KJ and friends! I will be toasting to all of you on Saturday from the beautiful island of Fiji!

KJ said...

Have a ball, EPB..don't get "LOST"
Miss u. xo

KJ said...

P-It's about time you showed up here! I still have to post about the drowned rat Asian C dinner. That's to come.

RBNB..One of our favorites. I'd nearly forgotten about that one! Fantastic.

Up there with the Subway and Ma na ma na. You ARE the Ma na ma na guy.

SUBWAY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkPh8As-y6E

MA NA MA NA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lgcQUQZBtE

Perfect comment as today (2/7) is Code Red's birthday and she's the biggest muppethead. Happy birthday to CR today!

Code Red said...

Thanks KJ! So true, I'm a proud muppethead.

SAC said...

Happy Birthday Ernie-
Enjoy FiJi, sounds better than this snowy shithole....

but, then again, I am going to FLA next week. Not as good as FiJi, but better than this snowy shithole....

Have a few Foster's Oil Cans!!!

Happy BDAY!

Code Red said...

Hi Ernie:
Happy 40th! I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying Australia and embracing your birthday. 40 is the new 30, ya know. We'll be sure to toast you on Saturday...here's to 40 more years of happiness and good health!! You're an inspiration. Have fun in Fiji!