27 February 2008

Don't Drink and iMac

Just when I thought a PictureMail of the "meaty bitch" was going to be the most offensive illustration of the loaf & Lohr evening, I present you with a lesson in "where you at, fool." Please don't try this nonsense at home without a magnum of red wine. (yeah, we're almost 40)



bg said...

Some of those pics are freaky deaky. KJ - you should put up the video of Caroline on James' lap yelling "Jurassic Park", while Paulie freaks out on the couch in the background.

KJ said...

I am definitely going to post that. Absolutely.

Thanks again for bringing the meaty loaf. She was one big bitch. Can't wait until our next homestyle dinner. I'll provide the Bird Eye Steam Freshes. xo KJ

Anonymous said...

You SERIOUSLY need to get over yourself! I have never read such ego centric musings that portray a pathological level of narcissism. And this video is just unreal. I feel sorry for you. You should try to star in your own reality TV show - that seems to be right up your ally.

Anonymous said...


Man, I think you're missing something.
KJ puts it out there, warts and all.
Initially, I had assumed the PU was a diary of "gutsy", hipster women and the hang-dog men who love them...and the single friends in waiting.
It's not. It's not "Oh, I didn't realize my slip was showing"-forehead slapping. There's some of that. Some old beau talk. But really, it's about the friends; a core group of friends from college, women; the friends who've joined along the way, and the ones who've drifted off.
Like anything worth looking at, it runs the risk of being misunderstood. It isn't just a "yeah for us!" It's really: Holy shit!
Holy shit, is Pete Nice confronting us? Holy shit, are we on stage with Paul Westerberg? Holy Shit, can you believe us, the same girls who sneaked into a dive bar in college and pee'd in the alley, are now Mamas? (Mamas didn't do that back in 1970?!). Holy shit things are changing: our lives, our famiies, jobs, homes, the world ...how do keep this important thing- The Burds- alive?
In the blog on Joy, we discover that the secret to the child's unbridled glee is that it's not exclusionary; there's this ephemeral sense that there's more than enough for all; Something snipped in the cynicism of the grind of adult life.
The PU pulls out the chair for you, shuffles to "Shadrach" and hands you the keg cup. It's your choice if you want to fill it or not.

MLXC said...

Wow, KJ, you egocentric bitch. If you ever post a blog (by the way a blog is a Web JOURNAL(and in case you didn't know this either, anonymous, a journal is defined as "a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations" )) that involves anything about you or your narcissistic friends, I will have to request blogger shut you down.

I think anonymous has some inferiority issues.

MLXC said...

ps I take pictured of myself with my MacBook all the time.

Oh, wait, that sounded weird....

KJ said...

S and MLXC: Thank you, friends. I appreciate your kind comments. A fine contrast to the nasty one.

It's my first angry troll! It's a milestone for the PU, a compliment really. It's all good. At least that's how I'm feeling right now. I'm on some fantastic drugs after my wisdom tooth extraction this morning. Do you think it'd be too narcissistic to post a low-res slideshow of my teeth?

To the angry troll: Egocentric blog is redundant. If you don't like it, don't read it. Now, shoo! Go heat up your Lean Cuisine in the teacher's lounge.

LPD said...

Shine on KJ, shine on.

To the good anon - man, you really get us. I feel there is a hidden camera in my living room somewhere...I just waved in case I'm right about this.

To the angry anon - life is short, lighten up. Call your friends and say your sorry, 'cause my guess is you don't value them.

P.doc said...

To Angry - How about the psychological profile of a gutless douche who trolls a blog they claim to hate yet takes the time to sign on to "anonymously" insult someone they don't know? Your compulsion to post disparaging comments SMACKS of malignant narcissism. Preachy and lacking in self confidence, you tear others down to make yourself feel better about your own mediocrity. Maybe you should work on yourself and your own issues instead of anonymously projecting them onto strangers in a blog comment section.

BG said...

Angry anon blooger - you are what we call a Buzzkill.

WMD said...

I think you're missing what's going on.

Anonymous 1 is actually Jimmy Fallon (which proves he does suck at everything he does).

Anonymous 2, nice thought with the leap to defense, a little creepy with the psychobabble and literary interpretations akin to what makes Howard Roark tick, but a nice thought. I like to be left at "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar".

and finally, if you do get a TV show KJ and we're all in it... I am confident in my role as "the cool one"

p.s. "right up your alley"? wow, the PU has been assaulted by 1953. Most likely by a "Palooka"

Anonymous said...


When confronting attacks of "pathological narcissism," it's probably more fitting to address that than their paucity of pop savviness.

" Somebody steals from me, I'm gonna say 'you stole from me' and not go after them for spitting on the sidewalk."

WMD said...

I can dig it.

apparently they brought a knife to a gunfight.

lpd said...

Sorry, WMD...Dylan McKay never picked up diapers at BJs on his way home from the Peach Pit. Your tv role is now "jovial neighbor".

Anonymous said...

KJ, methinks your hater does not know what a blog is.

A facebook friend

Anonymous said...

obviously the 1st time on the internet for the trolling douchebag. As lpd said shine on.

kay said...

Whose the cunt at 11:13?

Anonymous said...

I just watched this for the first time in a year. Yea goofy but fuck yourself, c word. meaning the commenter earlier. What a c. ok I'll say it, what a fucking cunt.