15 February 2008

Random Quizzilla

1) Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?
Definitely behind it -- a self-proclaimed documentarian. Not to mention, there are very few pictures/videos of myself that I can stand. And we all know that the wrong angle can result in a unphotogenic phenomenon that Nic has dubbed “Big Face.” The only photo of myself I actually liked -- my college yearbook pic -- was a freak occurrence. I was unshowered, hungover and wearing a borrowed “blouse” that had made the rounds that month. Of course, I can no longer stand that one anymore because, my God, the hair, the big, big hair.

2) Do you feel younger or older than your current age?
There’s definitely been an elderly thing happening as of late. All this drinking tea and shivering. Saying things like: “Oh yeah, I saw that on Chronicle.” Still, overall I feel younger than my 38 years. I feel closer to 30. That was a great year so I've kind of stuck there mentally and spiritually. I think it was the first year I felt I was in charge of my own life. Of course, all that has been upended in the wake of the wee brown ones. Still -- it’s all good. The best we can hope for is aging like a fine wine, not egg salad in the sun.

3) Have you ever won money on a scratch ticket?
I won two dollars once but that’s about it. I did win a free oil change on a promotional scratch ticket from Jiffy Lube once, but James threw it away -- My winnings! That's fine. I wouldn't want to become like this woman I always see at the Assinippi General Store dropping about $100 on scratch tickets. She's stuck in another decade, always reminiscing to the clerk about how she once won $10,000 on a scratch ticket. It appears she's been trying to recreate the magic of that day ever since. It's very Glass Menagerie: "17 gentlemen callers."

4) What do you search for in a friend? What causes you to "click" with someone?
Not sure. I don’t know if I've ever actively sought out friendship. Probably because I've never lived anywhere else and haven't had to go on the offensive. Friendship has always been something that has happened naturally -- you click or you don't. That said, I guess I'm drawn to people who are generally positive and those who are harmless makers of mischief. I definitely have an aversion to sourpusses and manufacturers of meaningless crisis.

5) What is a lie you tell yourself?
"There’s plenty of time for that."


KT said...

Gotta love the Quizzilla on a Friday.
1. Definitely behind - hence all the pics of my kids w/ no mama. Should I get hit by a bus, they'll wonder where they got their excruciatingly straight hair and flat knees.
2. Younger, most days. Man, as the big four-oh jumps out from behind a door next week, I'll likely shriek like a girl and run fast in the other direction. But for now, safely at the age of twenty-nineteen, I laugh bravely.
3. Never scratched anything that didn't itch.
4. First, a sense of humor - the more off-kilter, the better. Second, an inner strength, a sort of confidence, something that says, "I might not be perfect, but at least I know who I am and I'm ok with it.".
5. "Somehow, it will all get done." (It rarely does.)

lpd said...

1) BEHIND. The only pics I've ever liked of myself were from the spray tan era. Although in person we all looked leather-skinned and crusted with dirt, somehow it photographed nicely.
2) I feel old for 30. But then I remember... I'm not 30. I'm 37. Using that "logic", I feel younger than my age.
3) About 10 bucks. When my great-aunt Nancy died, we cleaned out her Dorchester apt and uncovered a scratch ticket obsession: There were thousands in her room - stuffed in drawers, purses, coat pockets, decorate ceramic canisters. We didnt' find a single winner.
4) I've been lucky that my friends and I have just "found" each other without ever looking. But, they all share these traits: sense of humor, kind, unselfish, unpretentious, caring, confident.
5) "It will only take a half hour to get there..."

Anonymous said...

1. In front. Bunny ears, etc. Ham it up.
2. I feel right on. Age: I don't worry about. Don't really think about it.
3. Yeah, maybe 10. Stocking stuffer.
4. Loyalty. Discussion. Humor.
5. See above, #2.

Anonymous said...

1-In front. I'm very good looking.
2-Older this week.
3-Yes. 500 bucks in Big Money Bingo!
4-Sense of humor. Also must not be better looking than me.
5-That I'm good looking.

Bean Down Under said...

1. Behind the camera. I love taking pictures and trying to capture people and places I have met and gone. A good picture of me is VERY hard to find. I would like to get a professional photographer to take some pictures of me just to see if they could get a good one!

2. Having been 40 for all of 9 days I would say younger. Although the thought of being 40 is very strange.

3. I am a semi reformed stratch ticket junkie. Reformed because I don't buy then down here in Brisbane but when back in Boston look out! Most I have won is $500 a couple of times but I have still lost much more than I have won.

4. Someone who is honest, likes to laugh and make people laugh, and who has a positive outlook on life in general.

5. Tomorrow I am going to get up and do cardio before I head off to work. Never happens!