11 February 2008

Traveling Aquarian Birthday Tour, Day 3

(All photos have been pre-screened by Nic for "big face")

On Saturday, we ventured up Route 3 with newly-minted South Shore residents, the Flaleys, to sign on to Code Red's Traveling Aquarian burthday tour. The meandering celebration had entered its third straight day and ended with bags of frozen peas and ibuprofen and the ponderance of hip replacement surgery. We tore into a late lunch at Firefly and then ran down the street and around the corner through squalling snow with no boots on to the Oak Room to meet up with Nic, Paul, Sinead and Fergus for some civilized cocktails. Here we toasted EPB's 40th, discussed names for the Flaley fetus (it's a boy!) -- LaDainian for now -- and took turns touching Paul's velvet blazer, which did not turn out to be velvet at all. Happy Birthday, Annie!

Some shots:

("Nice winter coat, T-Bag"

-- BG on T's skyward fro)

Sinead & Nic: 1 Big Face: 0

Make us some crepes!

Resplendent in velvet.


bg said...

Happy Birthday Ann! Hanging out at the Oak Room was fun. The waitstaff provided great service there too.

Code Red said...

Thanks BG and thanks to all who joined me on the 2008 birthday tour! I milked it for all it was worth and it was great. Guess it's over now...tonight I'll be sitting in after karate icing my hip with a bag of frozen peas. Elderly!

LPD said...

Happy Burrrthday Weekend, Annie.

Anyone notice a recurring theme to our conversations and correspondence as of late? "Elderly." On Thursday, a.k.a. Day 1 of Code Red's Celebration of Burth, we marveled multiple times at how great Rocca was because it had "ample parking." WTF.

Anywho, CodeRed, you are NOT elderly, and I am glad you enjoyed your weekend like the young whippersnapper you are. You deserve celebration, sister.

Cols said...

Happy belated Birthday to my fellow Aquarian. Remember Ann--Aquarians will never be elderly where it matters...our minds!!!

Next year...Jupiter in Aquarius the lucky star...it will be all ours for the taking...start preparing now.