07 October 2005

Cream Shop Friday: Mushy as Mashed Potatoes

(photo: "LP, I love you more than bunnies," says Di, who's gone completely gooey in the wake of LP's & WMD's engagement)

What the devil is going on here? Di, an accomplished writer and editor, has sent us into the Cream Shop this week with churchy phrases about LP and WMD like "they're sure to have a beautiful life together with all this love and support at the foundation of their union." Her words conjure up images of LP & WMD ascending into heaven wearing peasant blouses.

Di self-prescribed her own ass-whooping to ward off the sweetness and light but moments later, she was distracted by pretty butterflies. Now she's dotting her "i"s with little hearts and will wear nothing but pink. She's even thinking of replacing next week's Warren Tavern Suppah Club with a Hello! Kitty sticker party!

Full Disclosure: If you read my entry on the engagement, you may find it a bit mushy, but it's all true. I admit it...sometimes when I look at LP & WMD, a string instrumental of Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" strikes up in the background. The next thing you know I'm hanging all over Colleen & Jonesy like a shorter, older Katie Holmes talking about how we're all family. (BTW, we are.)

The irony is Lauren and Mike aren't mushy people who invite this kind of unbridled goo. It's just when something truly fantastic happens, we seek out different ways to express our feelings; we use words, phrases and gestures we wouldn't normally use to distinguish the significance of the occasion from other events. In short, we're more honest - even at the expense of appearing too sentimental. LP & Mike: Feel free to go upside our heads if all gets to be too much. Just know it's coming from an honest place. We will shoulder the goo, we will be mushy so you don't have to be. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to finish my unicorn collage.

Cream Shop Friday is a feature on this blog detailing the biggest distraction of the week.


Celine said...

Kate, love the Hello Kitty reference.

Speaking of gooey, while standing in the bathroom line at the "BankNorth Garden"(whatever)on Monday night in a warm & fuzzy champagne haze, I called my Mom to share the glorious news. Peg, while being a very caring person, is not known for her emotional displays and is often referred to as "tough as nails" by those who know her. Her voice cracked and she actually took a moment when she learned that LP and Mike would wed.

I'm still just plain giddy about it and can't wait to celebrate with pals !!!!
Love you guys. (gooey I know)

wmd said...

All great stuff.

...but how the hell are my greeting cards supposed to sell with this???

Anonymous said...

Tears of laughter have now replaced my tears of joy. I can barely stand all this happiness!!! Good stuff, F*er.

lp said...

Did somebody call the Ghostbusters? 'Cause WMD and I have been slimed with a pink, candy-scented goo...and I'm diggin' it. Wait 'til you kids see the unicorn-drawn glass pumpkin carriage that my fairy godmother whipped up to take Mike and I to the reception...it's SO COOL! And, it's PURPLE! ;)

Ironically, my mother and I were in line at Itza Party last night and Peg was caught browsing through Hello Kitty stuff while I waited in line. Not sure why...

(WMD...perhaps one of your Valentines Day greeting cards could say: "You're not butternut" for $9.95)

wmd said...

Actually, my company does not make Valentine's cards (They are a bastardization of the corporate mission.) There are only two occasions that require a card:

1) Bereavement -Single heterosexual males (SHM's) are not heartless.
2) Wedding -SHM's do not shop or wrap gifts for weddings. They merely need a device for transportation of the check.