06 October 2005

A Very Special Goy Blog

"Chronicle of a Matchmaker"

by Goy

Over the last few days I have been receiving emails and phone calls from the lady owls giving me praise and thanks for introducing the young couple to each other. Although I did do the initial introduction after my "naughty party," I cannot take all the credit. I thought I would send you all flying down my memory lane of how these two great souls met and became soul mates.

After many non-business related conversations with my BCBS rep for Legal Sea Foods, I came to the conclusion that Mr. Dell’Olio may in fact be a suitor for my ever so deserving Little Pete, until he broke up her with before he met her. I believe his fear that I was such a prestigious and well respected client that if for some reason the match up did not work out, it may in fact tarnish his highly regarded reputation in the insurance world - which is ever so important. This of course was all before even meeting LP.

The nail was in the coffin now, he was all done. Until…one fateful Sunday SAC and I were invited by WMD to a Patriots game in the BCBS box. Well before my easily persuaded husband even met WMD, he was exuding excitement that LP may meet this chap someday and 413 would have his butt in the BCBS box every home game. It was love at first kickoff when SAC laid his eyes on WMD. I believe he added this to my tedious list of things to do for that week, “introduce the man with the football tickets to LP.”

I already knew how fabulous Mr. BCBS was, but it was also confirmed in my mind when he gave us the VIP parking passes that were his and he parked with the other commoners. But still, the introduction was a year away from the game.

Now you all remember the fabulous wedding of the 413 Beaudin and I am sure that you will all recall that LP was stunning that night (as was Auntie). As I dragged myself to work that Monday, I got a call from my friend asking how my weekend went. Alas, here is the sign I had been looking for. Funny you should ask, I said and was bold enough to forward a picture of LP from the wedding. IMMEDIATELY, WMD told me that he would be at the Beer Garden on Thursday and that I should come for a couple of pops with my pal from the picture. I had my “naughty party" after work and was exhausted. I called LP on my way home and told her that I was going straight home. My ever so gracious pal said that was okay. I then called SAC and he gave me am ASS kicking over the phone and basically told me to suck it up for the sake of LP and WMD. They needed to meet!!! We needed them to meet!!!

WMD declared that Lauren was "definitely not a butternut" and as a result, two amazing friends of mine will soon be Mr. and Mrs. Garlic and will go on to have a lifetime of bliss. I would like to formally congratulate Lauren and Mike on their engagement. We have now gained yet another wonderful addition to this cult of friends (my mother’s description of us) that is more commonly referred to as the Owls. May you have as much laughter and happiness as you both bring to our lives.

One more thing. Let us all give thanks to AC from BCBS. Because if he didn’t suck ass as an Account Manager causing me to go to his boss to seek out a rep that could actually communicate, I would never have met Mike. The real kudos should go to AC, maybe he knew what he was doing after all.




wmd said...

Awesome! Forgot about the butternut part.

KC, you and SAC can't be thanked enough... by me anyway, LP may be ruing your involvement in time to come.

Anonymous said...

Lovely sentiments Goy...sniff...sniff...those hours with Dr. Kane really paid off. LP and The Italian Bird are sure to have a beautiful life together with all this love and support at the foundation of their union (did I just write that?...good lord...I need a good ol' fashioned whooping to bring back my cynicism.)All these good things are turning me soft in my old age. It's only a matter of time before I change my screen saver to kittens and rainbows.

James said...

I liked Mike before I heard of Football tickets, now I love him. If I havn't said it before..
I love you Mike. I mean that. What are you up to for the Monday night Indy game?

lp said...

WOW!!! I am digging this blog coverage. Thanks, Goy for the delightful recapitulation of "The Fixup." So sweet that WMD decribed his future bride as "not a butternut." Charming.

We are eternally grateful to you and SAC your perseverance in playing Chuck Woolery.

wmd said...

1) Sorry Jamie, no longer in Sales so no more luxury box for the Pats. Are we back to "like"?

2) The picture of LP was waist up. The butternut was a legitimate concern. I stand by it.

3) My greeting cards are devoid of the words "foundation of their union" and "soul mates". Buy them now. Just $9.95